Morning Pages Entry – March 06, 2014

Well, feeling somewhat cautiously optimistic about things this morning. I’m sleeping at a decent time, I’m eating pretty good, and I actually did a bit more work on editing the novel. Not nearly as much as I could have, if I wasn’t so busy being distracted by the internet again, but an improvement. I’m sure, I can get through a lot more of it today, if I could just focus. Still at the moment, trying to break things down into scenes to make it more manageable, but that’s ok. I did about 10K words yesterday, breaking them down, with scene descriptions. Still have about another 23K to do, but if I was really focused, I would be able to get them done today. I did feel better yesterday, in terms of spirits, and I know, that a part of it had to do with the work I managed to get done during the day. Feeling good about what I do during the day is important, to how I feel afterwards. Knowing I got a bit of work done, allowed me to focus on doing yoga yesterday night, which was a pretty good thing. It in turn, definitely allowed me to get a really good nights sleep. This has been like two days in a row, where I’ve gotten up around 7ish. That’s pretty good, as it gets me doing things earlier, and leaves more time for other stuff. I think I need to go do some grocery shopping this morning. Am out of a bunch of stuff. I want to change up some of the greens I eat. I should likely had more veggies to what I’m eating. I’ve been eating really good, but don’t seem to be losing much weight yet. I really should stick to super clean eating, as I wanted to drop another 10 lbs before league finals, which would be pretty awesome, assuming of course, that we make it to league finals. Which we really should do. Just have to figure out a way to beat the athletic club’s triple shot team, which should be the one to make it to semis. Assuming, they can beat their other team, which has beat them twice already during regular season play. So for the month of march, I want a few things to happen. I want my book to be published. I want to get our taxes done. I want to lose ten pounds through super clean eating. And, I do want my squash team to make it to finals and win this mother fucker. We’re playing a fun match tonight against Kyles team, which should be interesting. We lost to them last time with David in the 1 spot. Will have to wait and see how things go tonight. I played a pretty good match on Tuesday against Chris Mckenzie. Actually took the first game from him, and had a lead going with the second game but couldn’t hold on to it. He took the next two games rather easily, which, is strangely reminiscient to some of the matches I’ve had with David Suezle. It’s really a matter of me getting my fitness up again to the point where I can sustain my level of play through 5 games. Or at least the first 2, then hold on, and try to eek out 1 of the next 3 games. I’m sure, the key is, the next ten pounds. I know I’m a better and smarter player then most of the guys I’m up against in C, and even the lower ranked ones in B. I just have to get my fitness back to the level, where I can play the way I want to play for a full 5 games. That’s the key to me really winning. Overall, I should get under 160 lbs for league next year. If I could walk into squash season in September at <160 lbs, then it’s really, just a matter of getting my timing back. I’ll need to come up with some beach training plan for the summer. That would be interesting to do. I should check around the web and see what I can find out. Paddle boarding would likely be a good thing to do. Up and down the lake a few times on one of those things would be great. Great for the core, and my overall balance. Then some heavy lifting moves would be great as well. Pick up big heavy logs, and move them up and down the beach or something. That would so cavemanish.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: editing, squash league, groceries TV: farscape, dr who BOOK: The Highly Sensitive Person GAME: none EXERCISE: yoga – fountain of youth WEIGHT: 174 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: paleo pulled pork SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11 & 12:30 AWAKE: 7:00


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