Morning Pages Entry – March 14, 2014

So day 102 now on my current streak. I need, to get back into a good rhythm with the writing thing. Or, to be more succinct, to get back into a good habit. It’s all about the habits you form, and stick with. I was in a routine of writing a bunch for a number of days in a row there, after I did a bunch of the Tony tapes, but I didn’t stick with it. And even after yesterdays morning journal, which I thought was pretty good about how I obsess over things, specifically the install of all the new electronics before Christmas, and about how those same qualities (New, Cool, Challenging, Pride) can be associated to writing, I still didn’t get very much work done yesterday on the novel. And, now I believe that it is having a real affect on my dispissition away from the work. I really believe, that when I don’t have a good productive day at the office so to speak, then it affects how I feel, and perform in my non work related activities. Everything from playing squash to interacting with the family. I do need to work on that. Even when doing things that I would normally enjoy, like playing video games, and watching movies, instead of feeling good about them, I just feel guilty. I need to move my behaviours from the procrastinating “wanna-be-successful” mode, into the proactive, and taking action mode. The kind of mode, when I can publish a novel a month. When I have fun with the writing and the stories. Where I can enjoy myself doing things a little out of my zone, like creating covers and coming up with some interesting marketing ideas. Maybe even interacting with readers through social media. I think, I would enjoy that. The interaction part that is. I think, that could be a cool part of what I do. I wouldn’t necessarily do a lot of it, but enough to be engaging, and to present myself as a real person to my readers. I have to admire the way Hugh Howey has done this with his readership, and even if I could attain a fraction of his success, then I would be pretty excited about the whole thing. But, it all comes down to habits. And wanting to do this for myself. That’s a key though. Don’t worry about doing this for others, or what it can mean for others, but do it for yourself. Find a way for it to bring peace, fufillment, and satisfaction of a job well done for yourself. That’s what we’re going for here primarily. Everything else, like financial success will flow from there. It’s like when you were doing the link selling. You had people outside (the clients), that were always pushing and asking for things. That kept you motivated. I think, that once you get your first book done, there will be a rolling stone effect so to speak. If you can get interested readers, asking for more books, then your going to feel obligated to serve those readers. Kind of like the way you served your link buying clients. That obligation can serve to motivate you to better performance and productivity. But you need to get the ball rolling, and get the first few books out there. That’s the key thing. Get into a better habit of writing, and avoid all those evil distractions of the friggin internet. Just get into the better habit of doing the work initially that needs to be done every day. For a while there, you were in the habit, of forcing yourself to do the necessary work early in the day. And, I think that would be important for you. Get that shit done early. Do the editing, or the plotting, or the writing done. You have the time to do it. Don’t worry about eating, or browsing, or whatever to make yourself feel better. Writing makes you feel better. Each and every day. Each day, that you manange to do some writing, the better you will feel. If you write every day for a week, then you will feel even better than if you wrote for a day. And if you do it for a month, even more so. Just imagine, how you would feel, after writing every day for 100 days, or for a year. Just like the milestones that come from these morning pages journal. That’s what you need to be doing. It’s the only thing, that will make your life better.

TIGERBLOOD: no DAILYMOOD: nuetral – sad after squash LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: editing, writing, plotting TV: dr who, stand up comic BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple, mixed nuts ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:00 AWAKE: 8:15


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