Morning Pages Entry – March 21, 2014

So, yesterday, was the second day in a row, that I actually got some writing done. That was pretty cool. And, I should note, that it was a lot less painful then the day before. And, I did even more words, by writing around 1200 words. Still working on the new prologue for the novel, but that’s ok. Moving in the right direction. I should also say, that I was sorta a bit pumped to write the words, so that’s an even better thing. Cool. Another thing that caught my attention yesterday, which has nothing to do with writing (probably), but still is of keen interest to me, was an announcemnt from Epic games reagarding the new licenscing agreement of the Unreal gaming engine. They’re now offering the entire full blown engine for only $20 per month, and a 5% licensing fee for any commercially sold games. Which is kinda freaking crazy, and is turning the indie games community a bit nuts. The current indie engine of choice, is Unity, which from what I gather is no where near as powerful as the Unreal engine, but with a much lower price tag for commercial games. At least it was much lower, until yesterday. Now, it appears that Unreal is priced significanly lower, and has the better product. There seems to be much squabling over that point on the forums, but from what I gather, Unreal has made an offer that many will have a hard time refusing. You can even join for the first month, get the whole engine downloaded, then cancel your subscription, and keep using the engine. Totally legit in the eyes of Unreal. I don’t think you’ll be getting updates, but what the hell. You could probably keep joining every 3 months for 20 bucks then quitting, and keep pretty current with the releases. It’s probably not much of a game changer for the big AAA companies, but for indies, it’s a pretty cool proposition. It certainly gets me thinking, that it would be a pretty cool to get back into that world again. It was a passion for games, that sent me to this independent world of making money online, and I wonder if I could ever get back there again. I often thought a few times, when the SEO stuff was starting to click that I would use it to fund a project back in the game development space. That would always be pretty cool. Now, just imagine, if writing could do the same thing for you. If that’s not a little piece of motivation to get your writing in gear, then I don’t know what would be. Being able to fund your own little gaming project would be pretty sweet. Maybe even, tie it into my books somehow, and use it as a marketing tool for the books. That’s got to be a pretty cool thought. Imagine, writing games, that promote your zombie books. Would there be any crossover there? I suppose, there could be. If the game ever got a big enough following, then, I would think you could draw a few of the gaming crowd in your direction. Especially, since it would be a small indie style game, that would attract the casual gamer. Casual gamers I would think are easier to draw to reading a digital e-book as opposed to a hard core gamer, that does nothing but sit in front of their console all day long. It’s a truly interesting though. Marketing for you book, that’s actually fun. Just imagine. The best of several worlds. Maybe at some point, you could even use the books to get people interested in your games. I would think, that readers might find it interesting to know an author, that is also a games developer. Wow, I’m actually really excited about this idea. They could both cross into seperate audiences, and bring new customers to both places. The success of either one, could help the other. That would be so frickin’ cool and bad ass. An author/game developer. How much fun would that be? You could write cool friggin stories, and then have them developed into even cooler friggin games. Well, maybe not cooler, but at least in the same arena. You would be speaking to seperate audiences. And, that would be something different for the indie crowd of authors over at the writers cafe. Yea, I do marketing . . . of course I do, but it’s in the development of games, that I give away to promote my books. Yea! Definitely need to explore that opportunity.

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