Morning Pages Entry – March 22, 2014

So, here I am, bright and early on a Saturday morning at 6:32 writing my morning jounrals. Why the hell would I be up this early on a Saturday morning? Well, it certainly has something to do with the fact, that Samantha woke me up at 5am to take her to practice, and then, I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards, mainly because, I fasted yesterday. Ate nothing, and only drank water. Actually, I did take a couple of vitamins, but that was it. So, it always seems, that whenever I do that, I end up with a surplus of energy in my system. I’m quite sure, it has to do with the fact, that my body has no food for in it to digest, so it ends up having a bunch of extra energy for other stuff. So, I’ll do an extra shift with picking Sam up and taking her to Rev3K workout at 7:30. But for the moment, I figured, I would get my 110th day in a row of my morning journal done. Not a bad way to start the day. And, it’s actually pretty quiet up here this morning. Nobody running around making a bunch of stupid demands on me. If I was really ambitious, I would actually do some writing this morning, and make up for the lack of words in my novel writing yesterday. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if that happens. For the moment, I’m just writing this stuff. Yesterday was a bit of a distraction, with the thoughts of building games once again popping into my head with the new ultra cheap release of the latest unreal engine 4 for only $20 per month. That’s just stupid cheap. I swear, if I ever get the opportunity financially to do whatever I want, then someday, I am going to start developing games as an indie just for the hell of it. Even if I have to subsidize it through my writing revenue. And, I do need to get my writing revenue going. Right now, it’s nothing. So, get that in gear. You know, if you did get up at 5am every morning, and just did writing for a few hours, you could be incredibly productive. So many writers, like Kyle West who wrote the Wasteland Chronicles did just that. He junked television, and computer games for more writing and reading, and a year + 3 months later, he’s quitting a full time job, and writing full time for a living. He did it with 5 books, over that time period, while he had other jobs. There’s no fucking reason in the world, why you couldn’t have done the same thing, in the same amount of time, since you didn’t have a full time job to contend with. Apart from the full time job of a family. So, basically, if you just published 5 books over the next 5 months like he did, and got the BookHub promotion that he got, then you’d be in great shape for getting some real money coming in. Then, after that, the sky would basically be the limit. You’d have no choice but to believe in the possibility, because the cheques would be coming in every month. And, you’d be getting feedback from readers, and the whole cycle would be just feeding itself over and over again. So, the moral is, even if you don’t believe in it, you have to do it anyways. Then, once your shit is out there, you’ll have first hand experience with what happens when you do what the successful people do. I do have to eat sometime though. I can’t be fasting every day, just so my body wakes up at 5am every day. Well, what with the ridiculous swim schedule coming up. Maybe it would make sense for you to start fasting more often. Maybe once a week, and getting up at 5am every morning. Just for the hell of it. Someone is going to have to drive her all over the damn place. Well, that’s just another thing we’re going to have to see if it happens. Meanwhile, I think I should get back to reading Kyle’s books. They’re actually, not all that great. I mean they do seem pretty good. The guy did have a degree in journalism, and his descriptive prose seems alright. His character building and dialogue doesn’t seem all that great though. There’s no reason in the world, why I can’t do just as well as he is.

TIGERBLOOD: maybe DAILYMOOD: restless LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 0 TODO: footwork drills? TV: dr who, smallville BOOK: Apocalypse by Kyle West GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: none LUNCH: none DINNER: none SNACKS: none ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:30 AWAKE: 5:00


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