Morning Pages Entry – March 23, 2014

Well, this looks like it will be another day, to get a new badge on I should break 100,000 words on here today. That for sure is the length of a novel. Now mind you, that about 15% of those words are just my meta data tracking that I do, but that’s still 85,000 words, which for sure is a novel. That’s cool, but also somewhat disappointing when you come to think of it. What it means, is that ever since I started this I’ve done more words on here, then I have in my own novel. Of course, you have to consider, that one of the reasons why I’ve been so prolific with my journals, is that it really doesn’t matter what I write. It’s a total free for all when it comes to putting words down here, and it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. No one is going to be reading these words, at least not in my lifetime, and I don’t even go back and read the words. It’s just an exercise in writing and free form thinking. A way, to spew out onto the page things that are in my head and that need to be somewhere else for thearupitic or whatever reasons. No thought goes into spelling or grammar or logic at all. And, of course, when it comes to my novel writing, all of that stuff comes into play. Plus most importantly, the thought that others will be reading the words, and hopefully paying for the privelage of reading those words. Then there’s the whole, what will people think of them thing. Which a part of me, really doesn’t care too much about, but part of me does. As long as they keep paying for the privelage of reading those words, then for sure I will be happy about it. But, I would think, that at some point when the money is not as much of an issue, then I will care more about what they think about it. The quality of the work, will then become more of an issue for me. And that would be ok I think. The problem right now, is that money is tied into the equation. Have to worry about what people think about it, and whether or not they will pay for it at the same time, is a bit too much. But, it’s something I will just have to learn to deal with PERIOD. I need to bring more of my journal writing attitude into my novel writing though. More of a who cares what they think, I’m just going to write like crazy, and let the cards fall where they may. At least for the first draft. That’s the way to go. Really it is. Now for the subsequent drafts and editing, you can worry about making it great, but for the first, you really should just go with more of a free flow writing approach. Just, whatever comes into your head. Sure, it may not be as fast as your journals, but I bet it could come close. In the beginning it may take a bit, but if you throw yourself into the story and inhabit the minds and thoughts of the characters, then I bet you could write a whole lot quicker, and likely come pretty close to your 750 words per 15 minutes that you normally manage to achieve in these journal pages. That’s 3k words per hour. That would be pretty sweet if you could get to that. That’s 6K words in two hours. How awesome would that be? That’s a full days worth of writing. Basically, a rough draft every two weeks. One week for editing, and another week for covers, and other shit, and bam, bobs your uncle. Never thought I’d ever use that phrase in a sentence, but what the hell, there it goes. So, good words to think of. Write your novel more like your morning journal, and see what happens. Something to get to work on. Maybe even today, I’ll sit down, and squeeze out a bunch of words. Wouldn’t that be cool, to pump out 6K words sometime today. Much better use of your time then watching tv shows, or playing games. Maybe then, when the real works is done, you wouldn’t feel so guilty about doing a few other things and having a bit more fun. It’s sort of like when you pushed for getting all those link selling sites set up. Once the momentum is going for you, the rest becomes much easier.

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