Morning Pages Entry – March 28, 2014

Well, yesterday was a real bummer. We ended up losing in the quarter finals, to a team we beat all year. That just sucks. Really though, I need to quit taking this crap so seriously. Of course, I was too wired to sleep last night, and I felt crappy this morning when I woke. Felt crappy mainly, just because we lost. Never should have went down that way. Ah well fuck it. One good thing that happened, is that even though I did have a glass of wine last night, I didn’t indulge in any junk food. So often at a time like that, I get the cravings to load up on chocolate to make myself feel better, but that never happened. I thought about it a few times last night, but just couldn’t bring myself to put any of that crap into my mouth. I had some mixed nuts, and an apple, which seemed to satisfy the bit of sweet tooth, and that was it. I was done with it. That’s kinda cool. The fact, that I really didn’t care too much about eating that crap. I actually thought logically, that eating it wouldn’t make me feel better in the long run, so I just didn’t do it. the other thing I did yesterday, is to write a shit load of words. Over 3400 words. It was almost my best day ever, which I didn’t realize at the time. I was only about 50 words away from hitting a new record. If I had realized that, then I certainly would have written another 50. Ah well, I guess, I’ll just have to break the record today. What else, do I have to be excited about lately. I’m now pushing 60K words in the novel, which, is definitely plenty of words for a full length novel. But I do have more scenes to write, and then get to a good edit of everything. That should certainly give it some better structure, and if I can ramp up the conflict a bit in a few more sections, the book should be presentable. Then, of course I need a cover, and to get it out there. And ultimately get to writing the next one. Albeit at a much quicker pace. Certainly a more sturctured and organized approach to it would be a good thing, I think, I’ve begun moving in that direction, and it’s definitely true, that the more words you write, the better you get at it. Even after writing a bunch yesterday, I was pretty happy with the way some of the story events played out. I seem to be writing a lot more words into my opening scene then I thought I would. I’m up over 7000 words for it now, and I really didn’t think that would happen. I seem to get verbose, and overly detailed on the scenes. Or perhaps, I just keep on biting off more then I realize, when I outline the scenes. I did a quick 3 scene layout for the opening chapter, thinking all three scenes would be under 5000 words, and here I am with the first scene at 7000 words. I’m pretty sure, I’m going to have to break that one down into smaller chunks. It’s really a learning process. I suppose, that it’s better to have a problem where I write too many words, as opposed to not enough. Ah well, learning as we go here. I do think I still need to do something with a bunch of the narrative where I kind of rambled on into a big brain dump setting a lot of back story and all. I think, I’ll probably just throw a hitch hiker into the story or something that Chaz picks up and they can have a bit of a dispute over things relating to the back story. Something to think about. I still need to finish that first scene. Probably going to be close to 8000 words when I’m done. Maybe, I can work some of the back story into the remaining bits of that scene. Chaz basically needs to get to the property office, and find out that his family has moved on. Could be some opportunity there. Ah well, life goes on. Yesterday was crappy in some ways, but in others I suppose it was good. The writing is really the most important thing right now, and I do need to become prolific and better at it. That’s where I need to focus.

TIGERBLOOD: yes DAILYMOOD: anxious LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 3424 PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: writing, reading, be happy TV: American Horror Story Season 3 BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash league WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple, mixed nuts ALCOHOL: 1 9oz glass wine BEDTIME: 1:45 AWAKE: 5:00 and 8:45


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