Morning Pages Entry – May 10, 2014

So, I almost left to paint the boat this morning, without doing my journal entry. I would have had time to do it tonight, but there was always a chance, I would just forget. So, let’s do it now. Yesterday, I was really tired. I took a nap for an hour or two in the middle of the afternoon, then I still went to bed at 10:15, and didn’t get out of bed till 7 this morning. So, hopefully I will have plenty of energy for today. I was probably just tired from all that waxing the day before. Ah well. We’ll see. So today, I’m off to paint, and get the boat together. Then it should be totally ready for launch on Wednesday. If not I still have mon or tue to go up and do stuff. Today, painting is the priority, but I will need to put a few things back together. I wonder if the robins nest I found there the other day, will have hatched it’s eggs yet. I wonder, if the mother came back to the nest. I will have to deal with the stuff up there at some point. I do have to attach my dock lines up there. Even if, I don’t put the anchor on before I head out. Which, of course, Wayne wouldn’t approve of. It will be busy up there today I’m sure. Everyone will be out on a nice Saturday to get their boats ready. There will be plenty of distractions. I didn’t get any editing done yesterday, but I did do a bit of reading. Reading, is a good idea for me to do more of. It will get me more into the writing world. I should stop watching so much tv in the evenings. I can still watch my occasional tv show during my lunch / breakfast. But, my evenings should be reserved for reading. And, I should really stop spending so much silly time on FaceBook. There is really not much of value on there. You could likely see everything you need to see on there in half an hour a day . . . or less. Maybe a half an hour every other day, or every three days. There is some good stuff in the kindling page, but other then that, there’s really no need to be on there. It’s mostly just full of advertisment and just pictures and videos these days. So, something to change there. At least, until the first book is published. Not so much facebook. Say, maybe every other day for 30 minutes. And, no more tv in the evenings, when you should be reading instead. And, get your editing and writing done during the day. There’s no excuse for not getting that stuff done. For sure. I do still like, the idea of publishing a short story every week, while I’m working on the larger novel. They don’t have to be perfectly edited, but they do have to be put out there. You need the exercise of getting the story done, and publishing it, and making the cover and writing the blurb, and all that other stuff. Plus, it will give you something you could use at a later date. You could, always take them, and make them into big larger stories, with a proper edit, should the need arise. Then, they would be more likely to sell for you. If you did a 10K short story every week, then next year at this time, you would have 520K worth of words that could be put into omnibus editions and sold as five seprate novels. That would basically be like publishing 5 novels at once. You could do those over the course of the summer. Have them edited with new covers put on them, and perhaps spend some time writing extra narrative putting the stories together. Just like Bradbury did with his stories. Now, wouldn’t that be so cool. You’d basically have 12 novels out there, plus you could put five more out there before the summer finished. That would be a profitable time. The stories should be different enough from the plot line of the current one, but perhaps they could be about different people, in different places. Perhaps, over in Europe or somewhere the mutation isn’t running rampant. That would be pretty wild. Having that many books up within a year. I’m really liking the whole short story thing. I don’t think, they should be overly plotted out either. Just kind of make them up as you go. That would be incredibly cool.

TIGERBLOOD: not really DAILYMOOD: tired LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: paint boat TV: orphan black BOOK: Hyperion … Dan Simmons GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: spaghetti sauce SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple, almond butter ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:15 AWAKE: 7:00


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