Morning Pages Entry – May 11, 2014

I’m having thoughts this morning, about breaking out my current novel, into multiple books. I had thought about it a while ago with going to two seperate books. It’s over 300 pages right now as it stands. It would be pretty nice to have multiple books, and it’s not without precedence to have multiple shorter books do very well. Jeff Olah is doing very well with his “Dead Years” series that are all under 100 pages each. I was thinking, if I went that way, I could release 3 books now, make one of them free, and then even issue an obmibus of the first 3 books. I think, that jeff has his prices at about 1.50 each. If you did that, it would give you at like four books out there. That’s sort of cool actually. I’ve got time, before my editor is ready for me, to likely flesh out the stories a bit more, and then have her edit all of them as one big book. I would just have to give it some thought up front, about where I would make the splits. You would still want each individual book to be complete. There would need to be some resolution to each one. You can have some exciting cliff hangers to a degree I think. But you also need to give the reader some resolution to each story. I don’t want to be getting bad reviews over too short stories, that don’t do anything but leave big cliff hangers. I could, go from zero books to having four different releases out there pretty quick. That would be pretty cool. It would definitely still take some marketing to get them off the ground. FaceBook ads might be a good thing to consider in that case. The ads seem to be a good boost for getting the money flowing in a little bit faster. I do have to do a bit more writing, I think to get this done, in time for my editor. But, wow, it would be nice to have those books out there before I plunk my butt down at the boat this summer. Not that I’m really going to get that much time at the boat I don’t think. By the time the kids are done school, then Mark and Family will be here for their visit. You could have all those books out there before that happens. That again would be nice. It would be nice, to have those out there and making some money before I have to make small talk with everyone about how business is doing. That’s for sure. I really like the idea of having all those works out there in the public eye. I just, need to do it in such a way, that each story is good, and stands on it’s own. I don’t want it to look, like it’s just a marketing thing for the books. Even if it sort of is. Of course, you can always change things up later on. Combine books, or promote them differently. I need to do some research about pricing with the books as well. A first free book always seems to be a good way to go, but some authors are having success, with 99 cents for their first book as well. This could be a game changer, I think, if I pull it off appropriately. You get to write a few more thousand words before going to the editor, and getting the books a first or second round editing pass by yourself. It would be really nice, if you could be making some money before the summer is in full swing. Then, if you started cranking out two hundred page novels every few weeks, that would make things even more interesting. Normally, it does take time for the novels to get traction, so you may still have to do some waiting. Unless of course, you can get the facebook ads to speed things up a bit. Not sure. There were some posts in the Kindling FB page about releasing multiple books all at once. I can’t remember what Geoff said, but I would think, that putting them all out there at once is OK. Especially, if you just keep writing the next ones in the series. It might still take some time for things to kick into gear. I’m going to have to mull this over a bit. It’s not irrevocable, if you do it with multiple books. You can always pull the shorter ones if you wanted, and just leave the omnibus versions out there with different covers.

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