Morning Pages Entry – May 13, 2014

Today is about focus. It’s about focusing on the tasks that will move your business forward. It’s about not getting distracted with all the shiny things on the internet. It’s about getting the work done, that needs to get done, that can improve your life, and the lives around you. That’s what your going to work on today. And for today, that means editing the hell out of your novel. It means getting through 20K words today. You can do that, if your focused on the important things. Don’t worry about the distracting shiny things. Nothing else matters. After we’re done with this journal writing, we’re going to start editing. I don’t have to drive kids around today, so there’s none of that to distract you. 20K words shouldn’t be a problem. Do that for the next two days, then you can have the 1st edit pass through the novel completed. Then, you can think more about fleshing some things out. You can think, about going through, and making some of the changes that were suggested in CritiqueCircle to your first chapter. You can think, about how those types of edits would serve you through the rest of our novel. You can think, about where you add more to your story, that would actually serve to get two or three stories out of this one. It’s pretty big for a first attempt, and it would, be nice to get more out of it. Two novels would be nice. Three might be a bit of a stretch, but would be really nice, if you can make them make sense, and be entertaining each on their own. Otherwise, it may not be worth it. But, you can always offer the omnibus edition at the same time. Or, if you just broke it down to two, then go your next one out in a month that would be good as well. Then you would have 3 books out before the summer really got into a swing. That wouldn’t be so bad, now would it? That would really give you something to promote. Just have to find logical places to make the break. I’m at about 300 pages now. If I had another hundred pages, then you could do three volumes at about 133 page each. That’s not so bad, or even two books at 200 pages each, which isn’t so bad either. I don’t know. But, for today, the focus, is on getting through 20K words of editing. That’s a big task, but I think, I’ve gotten there before. Or close to that number. It’s a bit harder to keep track of . . . as yWriter doesn’t really keep track of edited pages. But it would be fun, I think, if you could flesh things out a bit more once the editing is done. That would sort of be fun. I like the idea of building worlds, and giving the story more meat on it’s bones. It’s pretty plot driven and sparse on the characters and how their feeling with things. I really need to work on the scene/sequel cycle for the next novel. That’s something, I’m sort of missing out on this one. Overall structure needs to be better as well. Rereading Jim Butchers blog page over again would be a good idea. I wonder, if you can draw some attention to having the first chapter on WattPad. It could be a cool place to get some feedback on your writing, if you can gain a bit of popularity in the social side of things. If you could attract a few followers. You could actually get some ‘reader’ style feedback as opposed to ‘writer’ feedback. Having writer feedback is different from reader feedback, although, some of the feedback I’ve read on WattPad, seems a bit immature, or perhaps, just not thought through very well. Either way, if you could get enough of it, then it might give you a sense of how readers view your story. So, today is about focus, about making some real progress on the editing chunk of this novel. Next time, I’m definitely going to edit the words as I go along. Having to edit this much at one time, without writing is painful. Editing 5K in a day, would certainly be more palatable to face. And, writing the 5K after that would be downright enjoyable. I do like the writing much more then the editing. But, editing to start the day, would get you back into the priors day story and improve on the continuity.

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