Morning Pages Entry – May 15, 2014

So, the boat is launched and floating, but the window I was hoping to have fixed, still leaks. I guess that spray stuff didn’t do a damn for the window. I’m going to have to pull it out, and reseal it with the stuff I have. Oh well. Should be fun, trying to fix it. So, today I need to get through a bunch of editing. I was hoping to get through more of it the other day, but I only got through about 10K words. I had hoped, to get through 20K words, but maybe that was too much too ask. I think, it may have to do with the type of editing I’m doing. I thought I had gotten through about 20K words the one day, but maybe that wasn’t a first pass edit. I really need to get better at the writing part of things, so that editing doesn’t take quite so long. The stuff I was editing the other day, was definitely pretty rough. It had a lot of repitition in it. Say something once, then move on to the next idea or piece of action. You don’t need to keep repeating your self. I have about 28K left of words to edit till the end of the novel. It would be great, if I could get those done over the next 2 days. Then, you’d have the next 3 weeks to add another 25K words, and figure out where your going to break the novel into two pieces. You also need a better ending I think. Not sure, but I didn’t resolve a lot with my first draft of the ending. I’m sure you could come up with a few more interesting things. I need to go through my editing notes a well. There are a number of other things that need your attention. But I do think I can safely get to two novels out of this one. That would be very nice. I should be able to have this one in much better shape for the editor Emily, and then perhaps even start the third one. Or at the very least, outline it. If I can have a good outline for the third done prior to this one going to the editor, then I should book another date for the third one. That would be pretty cool. Then, you could have three novels out in the wild, before the family shows up for a visit. Maybe??? That might be tight, considering their coming the beginning of July. Emily is taking my first one on the 9th, but said she wouldn’t have it done till likely the 23rd. I would definitely have to be well on my way with the third. Maybe, I should figure out a date for the third one before I send the first off to her. Make sure, you have a date the first week of July for the third one. That would be two hard dates you had to hit. The first one should be pretty easy, but the next in July you would have to push for. Don’t forget, you have to get some covers out there as well. It might make sense, to go with some premade covers. Or, perhaps the one that the guy who did Kyle Wests covers would be a good choice. If it’s another $100 buck or there abouts for a cover, so what. I would like to do my own, but maybe that’s for further down the road. Although, Ellle Casey does her own covers, and manages to do pretty well 😉 I should give it a shot at first, to see what they look like. It’s one last person to manage, and I’m sure you could come up with something. You just need to come up with some interesting elements to incorporate into the novel, like swamps, kids, mutations, and ressurection or something along those lines. Oh, and of course military and Fort Knox. That would be a good exercise of itself, to see what you can come up with to put in. What are the key interesting points of your novel. So, let’s get this thing edited over the next few days. Even, if you have to put a bit more time into it. It’s like 14K per day. It’s a lot probably, but if your focused, then it shouldn’t be too bad. Then you can get back to the fun work of writing again. The next goal, would be to see if we can write and edit 5K words per day for a week. That would be significant.

TIGERBLOOD: maybe DAILYMOOD: confident LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: editing PUSHUPS: none TODO: none TV: 70s show, dinosaurs BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: chicken SNACKS: orange, grapes, 3 lara bars, strawberries ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10 & 11:45 AWAKE: 6:15


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