Morning Pages Entry – May 29, 2014

Started to move towards the whole 30 start. Yesterday, I did a big shop of nothing but healthy whole30 approved foods, and ended up cleaning out most of the cupboards of junky food. The cupboards look pretty bare at the moment. Karen of course had to complain during the process, but Jennifer piped up a few times, and told her to stop. It’s funny how that works. The kids have definitely become strategic pieces when it comes to convincing Karen to do things. They certainly see things going on, that she doesn’t even in her own life. It wouldn’t have been nearly as easy to get her to try this, if it wasn’t for Jennifer and Samantha. The night I asked if they would do it, Samantha was all ready for it. Jennifer had been talking to her already about it. I don’t know, what she said to Sam, but I suspect, it had something to do with how much their mother needed to start addressing her health issues. Sam was pretty gung ho to get it a try when I brought it up around the table, and that certainly influenced Karen. The cupboards looked pretty empty last night, but oh so much more healthy. I said to Samantha as we were going through and cleaning things up, that I feel healthier already, just looking at the cupboards. I will have to tackle the fridge today, and get rid of as much stuff as I can. Definitely all the booze can come out, and there maybe some stuff, that can move to the freezer. Everything else, I think, will just get pushed to the back of the fridge, if I can’t throw it out. Some stuff should likely just be thrown out. We’ll see how that goes. Cleaning out the cupboards, is definitely an important step. It really gets your head in the mindset that you are doing something very different. Oh, and besides, the fridge, I do need to clean out the chips cupboard. Not sure where I’m going to put all that stuff. Should, probably go in a bag, and into some cupboard somewhere. Can’t go into the garage, but I should be able to find somewhere in the house where it can go. Could, go into the attic, or perhaps even into the top of Sam’s closet. Just don’t tell anyone that it is there. I should cook up a few things today, that could be eaten as leftovers, just so we have some extra food lying around. The trick is, to have plenty of food around and available that is whole30 approved healthy food. Then, when you go to a cupboard, or the fridge you take out something that is good for you. Removing temptation is definitely going to be important for a few people around here. It’s actually pretty exciting to do this. It feels, like I’m really cleaning crap out of this place. Today, I will move the coke out to somewhere distant. I’m really excite about this . . . did I say that already. And, I found a great app, to use for doing the shopping called “Out Of Milk”. I set up a bunch of foods in there, and catagorized them. It keeps track of what’s in your cupboards, what you need, and what you just purchased, as you go down the grocery store aisles. With a little input from me of course. The interface is pretty good. But it’s pretty easy to setup, and quite easy to use while your shopping. Everyone can add to it as well, which is pretty cool. I don’t think I’ll ever use a paper shopping list again. I could, probably use it for stuff for the boat as well. Will have to give it some thought, but taking things to and from the boat always takes a few lists from me. Tweaked my back a bit this morning, lifting some heavy stuff, but hopefully, that will work itself out. I need to get some real writing done today. I didn’t get much of that done yesterday, and I do have an editing deadline coming up. I need to do some character sketches, a little more backstory, before I add another 25K words or so to the story. That’s another exciting thing that will be coming up soon. So, tomorrow will be our first official whole30 day. Didn’t want to start today, with Karen travelling to Toronto, and Jessica had a pizza day at school. But tomorrow, it’s a whole (30) new world.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: excited LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: character sketches, menu planning, grocery shopping TV: none BOOK: It Starts With Food GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:45 AWAKE: 6:00


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