Morning Pages Entry – November 25, 2013

Well, yesterday certainly turned out to be a bit of a crazy day. Never did make it to the swim meet, the snow was just too bad. Spent a good hour pushing the friggin car up the street with the help of some good neighbours. Finally learned the hard way, that the best way to push the car, is to actually turn off the traction control first. With a little bit of snow, the car just keeps cutting the power to the wheels when the traction control is on. That way, the only way to move the car is totally through human power. Apart from pushing cars, the other main activity was shovelling snow. Probably spent a good 4 hours just shovelling snow yesterday. Was even out past midnight after the street and sidewalk plows came buy. Even shovelled the neighbours driveways, since they were the ones that helped us push the car for so long. Felt it was the least I could do. Felt pretty good actually. I’m sure they were pleasantly surprised (especially Tim & Patty) to be able to just drive out of their driveways this morning. Although, I notice the plows did come back again for another pass, which messed up my perfect shovelling masterpiece. Funny how you can get so obsessive about a simple thing as shovelling snow. I also managed to get in a squash game yesterday. Was supposed to play David, but he couldn’t get out of his street from the snow, so I had a little three’s with Rob and Kyle. Not so bad. I think this week I’m going to set myself a goal of no junk food and no processed sugar going into my body. After the first week, we’ll see how that goes. I really need to eat better. I always feel so much better when I do that. Right now I feel like I’m in a bit of a brain fog from eating what I ate yesterday. I certainly did get some good stuff in, but it’s that evening crap that get’s me all the time. I think I need some better “paleo” snacking foods lying around the house. It seems like the only stuff I have is dark chocolate, which is OK, but I rely on it far too much. I know, that a week of really healthy eating would make me feel fabulous. Just imagine if you could make it through all of December with no processed sugar, no grains, and no nasty starches like potato chips. I would feel friggin amazing, and I would definitely clean up on the squash courts . GO GO GO for it! I really do want to get the number one spot on my squash team. The other guys think we have a stacked team now, just wait till I grab the top spot and bump everybody above me down one. That would take us to a victory in the finals for sure. Gotta get my ass in gear and my mind in sync to pull that one off. The other big thing I need to worry about of course, is to start getting some writing done in terms of my novels. The Zombie Parables as they are currently titled. I’ve been stalled for so long. At the point where Chaz and his buddy come across the school bus full of kids. Not so sure yet where I want to go with that. Maybe one of the kids is a zombie in hiding, and somehow during Chaz’s attempted rescue of the kids it comes to life, and massacres the entire bus except for the one little girl. She somehow survives, and carries on to Fort Knox. She would be scarred for years, and Chaz would carry the guilt for a long time. The nightmares from that episode would plague him for years. It feels a bit gruesome to kill kids in your novel though. Especially any that you’ve spent some time with. It seems to be a bit of an unwritten rule, in a lot of fiction not to kill kids. I mean, it does happen, just think of the little girl coming out of the barn in the Walking Dead. That was an incredibly intense scene. Partially because we we’re so caught up in the plot line of trying to find her, and partially because she was a little kid. I suppose perhaps you don’t want to go around killing kid characters too often in your books, but it can certainly create a very dramatic feeling. The build up is important though. The build up is important to a lot of things actually . . . character development is a big thing. Not sure I’ve quite got that figured out, but I will.

LOCATION: Home Office TODO: restore some sites, write 1000+ words TV: Dr Who, Dawson Creeks, 70s show BOOK: none EXERCISE: squash, shovel snow WEIGHT: 181 BREAKFAST: none LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: roast beef, brocolli SNACKS: chocolate, dark chocolate with almonds, chips, nachos ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:30 am AWAKE: 9:50 am

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