Morning Pages Entry – November 27, 2013

Good morning. I always seem to have so many ideas for what to write in my morning pages when I’m away from my computer, that I worry if I will remember them all before I get to writing them down. Something about how the brain works so much faster then typing things. The two really big issues in my life these days . . . or at least the two big issues that I feel I have control over are my writing (or lack thereof), and my diet. I desperately need to start writing my novels on a regular basis. At least a couple of thousand words per day, hopefully getting up to 5000 words per day. Which I believe is immensely possible, considering the writing days I had over the summer. I seem to average around 1000 words per hour fairly easily, at least when I have some sense of where the story is going. That seems so insanely easy, I really don’t understand my inhibition to write. It’s like a major mental block. Or maybe a fear . . . of either success or failure. I’m pretty sure, that once I get writing I will enjoy it a lot. The problem really is getting started. I’ve gotten my self beaten in my mind. The potential rewards are so huge, it’s boggling. If you make it to the best sellers, then sure, but even if you only make it as a mid-lister hack, it’s still pretty good. The key seems to be consistency. Kind of like I’ve been doing with my morning pages. I’ve been doing them quite consistently, and this will be my 7th day in a row. I must admit, that I was feeling a little like not doing them this morning, but here I sit, and the words continue to flow without a lot of effort. Perhaps if I jotted down some of the pro’s to writing more my novel it would help. One, it’s something I could do for the rest of my life. Even into retirement, and if I get good at it, which I should if I do it enough, then it could be a way to stay busy. With actually some added value, if I get good enough. Making peoples lives a little more interesting is another aspect to it. I know how much I used to love reading a good story. How it took me away to some place different. Some place more heroic and interesting then my current world. Sure, my first few novels may not be stunning, they may even suck huge. But the thing I suppose it to get past those first few crappy ones and start writing the good stuff. Then it would likely be more fun and easier to do . . . hopefully. The trick is to treat it like a professional and a job. Do the work every day, and good things will happen. You owe it to your potential readers out there to try. Another good thing about it, is it’s so much better then working for some other smuck trying to earn a living. I get to make all the decisions about where my life is going, and how I spend my time. I also like the idea of telling people I’m a writer or a novelist. Sure, maybe that last one is not a great reason, or at least something in side of me says it’s not a great idea, but the hell with it, if it makes me feel better, and makes my ego feel a little better, then I’ll take it. What with all the crap I’ve been through lately, my ego could use a little pampering. And, of course the money would be good if I can do it consistently. One decent size novel is pretty possible if I can get up to 5000 words per day, and I see no reason why I couldn’t. The timing is pretty good these days for it as well. Of course, if I had started it a year ago when I was considering it, that would have been better. But starting now and today, is not so bad either. Putting my heart and soul into a novel would be good for me as well. Just think how writing these morning pages as given me a slightly different perspective on things. Made me think in a slightly different way. I fell a bit more relaxed and at ease with myself. Just imagine what writing an entire novel could do for me. Every day after writing these morning pages, I do feel a bit more of an urge to work on the novel. Maybe today will be the day. Perhaps going forward, I’ll spend a bit more time working out where I want the novel to go in these morning pages.

LOCATION: Home Office TODO: Restore some sites, 1000+ words on the novel TV: Dr. Who, Dawson Creek BOOK: none EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 180 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: stir fry . . . no rice SNACKS: grapes, orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:45 am AWAKE: 8 am

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