Morning Pages Entry – November 29, 2013

Well, here with go with day 9. It’s starting to feel a bit more of a routine doing these pages, and it’s hard to say whether that’s a good thing or not. I think, if I can stick to it for 30 days it will become a good habit. At least that’s what they say. I’m pretty happy this morning, even though my squash team lost last night. We could have won, if I hadn’t played Tony, but what can you do. Gotta give the new kids a chance to play I suppose. We should still be in first place anyways. I’m particularly happy because I came home from squash and managed to not eat a bunch of crappy food once I got home. Which is something I’ve done a lot of in the past. I did promise myself at the beginning of the week, that I would stay away from processed foods and sugars for the week. And, that’s making me feel pretty good. I did have a glass of wine last night, but that’s fine. I still feel pretty good today. If I could just get my writing in gear again, I would be ecstatic. That’s what I really need to do to start turning my life around as well. Work and food for me always seem connected. I think if I can get both of them on track then things will go so much better. Now speaking of writing, I think I’ll talk a little bit here about my novel. I left of yesterday, I think, with one of the kids being a sleeper zombie. One who had been through the gestation period, but still didn’t quite understand what they were perhaps. It would be good if we did some sympathetic character building for the character with the reader before I reveal the true nature of the child. Perhaps that little girl on the bus. Then when out heroes discover her nature (gradually) first suspecting a bit, then being sure, they should be conflicted as to what to do. Take here to Fort Knox, I think should be their ultimate decision, as that’s where humans can finally start figuring out how the zombie gestation period really works. I need to think a little bit about their whole evolution process here. During the gestation period, obviously they eat humans. Perhaps our heroes could find the parents from the bus, and strangely they reveal that they are terrified of the little girl, because she’s the one that actually caused the crash of the bus. Perhaps when the gestation ends, it’s quite abruptly, and almost over night the zombie resorts to an evolved human form quickly. Their appearance should be different. Double check with your description of the zombies that attacked the heroes after the fields. I can’t remember how I described them. But, I could make the little girl out to be kind of unaware of what she is. But the heroes will notice, that she is quite capable in a lot of ways. Like, intelligence, strength, enhanced senses . . . not superman like, but definitely a more evolved human. What would she think of zombies still in the gestation period? Would she know what they are becoming. She should probably be a bit sympathetic towards them. Would zombies in the gestation period attack the more evolved zombies? I think yes, but maybe the evolved zombies would have a way that they can just stop them. Like a mind control thing, or perhaps once they got close enough, they emitted some sort of hormone/phermone that stuns/repels the attacking zombies. That could be how our heroes discover something different about the girl. You could build up a scene to be very dramatic, where they are attacked, and the little girl is about to be killed, when she ends up saving them all through her advanced powers. Would work really well, I think if you make her a really likeable kid for a while. These are some good ideas. The heroes would realise the kid is different right away, and somehow, they would also figure out that she was human eating zombie at one point. What would the heroes think at that point. Would they consider her enemy or friend? They wouldn’t know if she could switch back. But they may also see her as a great ally in keeping the gestating zombies at bay. It might make for a good point of conflict between them. Perhaps one wants to kill her (Chaz) and the other one (younger guy) want’s to keep her alive. How does that affect the rest of their trip, and how they travel to Fort Knox? And, then how do the scientists react when they bring her there?

LOCATION: home office TODO: sites up, 2000+ words, weight training TV: dr who BOOK: none EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 179 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: grapes ALCOHOL: wine BEDTIME: 12:30 am AWAKE: 8:45

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