So, here now Chaz has made a decision that he will undertake the mission to look for Christa. I need to remember, that what Chaz will end up finding is not Christa, but the Andreas and Leekasha. So, maybe what should happen in this scene, is that it should be between Chaz and Alex. This is where they get back together and Chaz starts trying to help out Alex from where he’s been at such a lowpoint. Remember, Chaz can tell Alex about the murders. He should be able to talk about Christa though I think. There still needs to be some complications that come out of this. Sure, Alex will go with Chaz, I think that’s a given. But, there should be something wrong with Alex I think. Something that he reveals at the end. Like, maybe he’s heard voices too. Or maybe he’s losing his mind. Somewhat, like the dreams Chaz has been having where Patzy interrupted. But, it would have to be something different. Maybe Alex thinks it’s Christa

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