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A Difference Of Opinion

OK, so not quite sure where to go with this. I’m running out of time, and need to get this thing moving. So, it says that there’s new info on Christa, but what perhaps should that be. Can’t quite remember when I did the outline for this what I should have had in here. At the moment, we know that Christa is with Andreas and Leekasha, and that both have gone through a transformation of sorts. They are however, at odds with Christa’s goals at the moment, based on what they’ve done. They’re basically killing and being like traditional zombies. What are Christa’s goals at the moment. She’s basically tired of having her mind interrupted all the time by the trapped zombies under the drugs calling for help. She wants to put an end to that, but not just for her own personal relief, but because she feels it’s wrong. And, perhaps, it’s because there’s something in her biology that is driving her to take care of her people. She was the next mutation remember, and she does have a responsibility to them. She’s sort of like their mother. She also feels guilty for them being in this situation. The people at Fort Knox (Dr. Montgomery etc) used her to come up with the drug for imprisoning everyone. Leekasha and Andreas have different goals as well. Well, maybe the same sort of goals, but just more direct (violent) in their approach to reaching the goals. Maybe this scene, should be another battle between Christa and Andreas and Leekasha this time. Some kind of battle, that actually seperates them. Causes them to go in opposite directions. Where, she starts off stalking Chaz’s family. Would she get into the prison to do that? Or maybe, we need to tie in the revolutionary (not to be confused with the renegades Andreas and Leekasha) faction, that might say break Caius out of prison. Right, so I think this one is about Christa. So, where does this one take place. They should be heading back to Christa’s place in the swamps. We could start off with them driving on the way there to the swamp sinkholes. Discussions ensue, differences of opinion arise, and when they stop for gas, Andreas and Leekasha disappear. He is more powerful, he is the next one. So, here’s the other thing. Why would Christa start stalking Chaz’s family? Because, maybe she knows he’s after her. Maybe, somehow the connection with Alex, gives her glimpses of it. Maybe, she knows, that someone would be after her because of the recent events (boat, bar) and that she needs some leverage. But, why leverage with Chaz’s family? Wouldn’t that just make her more obvious. Maybe, she knows it’s Chaz, and she figures getting a message to him through his family would get him to leave her alone. Maybe, she just wants to go on and live in peace. She things, that what she’s done, has just made things worse, and now she needs to get out. Chaz of course, continues to persue her and forces her hand later in the story. She has tried for six years to reach a zombie, she wouldn’t give up quite that early. I might be getting ahead of myself into the next scene. For this scene, we just want to see a break up of the three of them, and do some character building for all three. Especially Leekasha, as we haven’t done anything with her yet.

Killing It At The Club

Last we saw of Andreas and Christa they’re were having a fight. Andreas just wanted to go off and drink, and Christa has a better sense of the current situation wanted to head for cover. It’s how she’s managed to survive for all these years. Leekasha has been with them for a while, but hasn’t done or said much, other then to follow the two of them around. She needs to get into the action a bit more, and I believe here is where it’s about to happen. Something needs to trigger in Andreas. We need some hinting that he’s more then he realizes he is, and that Christa has a sense of what he may be. Christa has really only had this mind control sort of thing going on. She’s inadvertantly controlled the other zombies in the first few books, and has quite deliberately done it in this book. So, what should really happen here, is that Andreas pulls Leekasha somehow back from the drug induced coma she’s in. Maybe by, making some sort of perverted advances on here or something. That might be appropriate for his character. Maybe, they almost get busted in the bar. Maybe, there should be some thought or description give to how zombies look under the drugs influence vs without the drugs. There were always some that looked normal, and some that didn’t, even before the drug. Maybe, there would have been some sort of branding or tagging done to the normal looking ones(or maybe all of them, that would indicate they are zombies. Electronic tagging? Implants? Something visible only under types of lighting. So, what happens when Leekasha transforms? They should be in a bar I think, and she should just rip people to shreds. Yea. Time for some gore. Some tearing people apart, blood and guts and all that shit. This is a story with zombies in it isn’t it. Ok, so here we go. They go into a bar, their fighting, Andreas almost gets busted, Christa mentally controls the bouncer to get them in, there are other freaks around, Christa gets a little overwhelmed, she tries blocking/helping Leekasha, Andreas tries to step in and see if he can do it, and instead brings her out of the drugs easily, which Christa couldn’t do. Leekash goes nuts and kills a bunch of people. They get the hell out of their. It should be a crowded night club, with lots of lights and loud music that makes it hard to tell what is going on.

Three Zombies And A Dinghy

So, where do we go with this one now. Originally, this was supposed to be a bit of self discovery after Andreas was rescued from under the water. But now, I’m not sure. I suppose, there does seem to be something, where he starts to get a sense of what he is. This guy has to have a bit of a steep character arc, given that he’s quite a jerk in the beginning, even the beginning from before we meet him on the boat with Christa. But, I would have to think, that since I plan to kill him off before the story ends, that he needs to develop fairly quickly. So, where we would we put him for this scene. Bear in mind, that Chaz is on the hunt for Christa now, and that at some point we want this guy to become like the next big thing, and we should see some hope from him. I want the reader to empathize with him a bit, so I’m thinking we likely need to reveal something from his past … say that something traumatic happened to him as a child. Something that helped to form him as a kid. He, maybe he was an abused kid, his father gets run over on the highway walking home drunk one night, so Andreas has to go to work even earlier, and ends up getting beat up there. Long story short, he has a miserable childhood, and he grows up to be a miserable bastard. Now, it turns out he may be the next big mutation for the species. So, basically a kid from the streets makes it big. Kind of like the beverly hillbillies, except this kid was in pretty rough shape before any of this began. So, where does this scene start, more specifically, where are the three of them Andreas, Leekasha and Christa? They would have had to get off the boat somehow. Has any of Andreas abilities manifested yet, that would help them? Maybe he senses where they should be? So, I guess where we’re starting is with the three of them adrift somewhere … or perhaps they’ve landed somewhere not far from swamps of something. We were going to end up back there at some point were we not, where they had some sort of network through the sinkholes for hiding or whatever. Maybe Christa only … could that be where she disappears to?

All Ashore

So, I’m thinking the basic premise of this scene, will show that Andreas is capable of more than Christa ever was. I’m thinking, that Andreas should be the next big mutation. I’m thinking, that he hasn’t left the ship, even though the captain is dead, and Christa is still there. Leekasha is still there as well, but still under control of the drug. I was thinking that Chaz would turn Leekesha here, but I notice now, that actually happens later in the story, down in the first pinch point. We can’t quite do that yet. Good thing you have a structure to keep you in check. I’m thinking, maybe we do something a little more subtle here. This was supposed to be where Andreas was supposed to be rescued. You’ve gone a bit further with that story line now, then you’d originally planned. This is much better though, with Christa saving him, instead of him just getting away from the drug by being under water. So, what I’m thinking here, is that Christa and Andreas must have a chat. Maybe we do some character building here with Andreas. Find out what kind of a guy he was before he went zombie … actually that he was a bit of a prick is where we want to go. He doesn’t know, and I shouldn’t reveal yet, that he’s the next mutation, so where do we go with him. First, he should be in a bit of shock. He’s not really zombie anymore, he’s evolved … he’s mutated like Christa did in the last one, but it’s an incomplete process at this point. He should be more human than zombie, but confused. Unsure as to where he is, and what happened. Maybe he should tell some story from his past that reveals what kind of a jerk he was. Maybe, he was holding up a gas station or bank or something. Some kind of illegal act. What’s Leekasha doing through all of this. She should be maybe lost, confused … maybe she approaches Andreas sexually somehow. Like they were a couple before. Maybe he rejects her at first. OK, so open the scene with a lot of confusion. A dead captain with blood and guts everywhere. Always a good way to start. Let’s go with that.