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Morning Pages Entry – May 25, 2014

Well here we are at the boat, and thank goodness it hasn’t rained the past 24 hours, and hopefully the next 24 hours, since the front big window on the boat has been removed. Or, at least the seal has been broken (on purpose), and it’s just sitting there right now. Spent most of yesterday afternoon getting the damn thing out of it’s bed. It looks like, that when Ron “fixed” it the last time, some dumbass decided to put a hugh glob of sealant right in the middle of the window, which did absolutely nothing to stop any leaking, but made it incredibly fucking difficult to get off. We had the seal broken on the entire perimeter of the window, fairly quickly, but it too us about another two hours, to finally break through the big blob they left in the middle of the window. Fucking tools! The “fix” he did, never did stop the leaks, and all he really did, was make my job that much more difficult. And to add to it all, he never actually cleaned the old sealant away when he did the fix. Which, is why I’m sure, it never stopped leaking. So, today, Sam and I get the lucky pleasure of scraping all the old crap away, and making sure it’s nice and clean before we add the new sealant. The should be lots of fun. We ran up to the Canadian Tire in Goderich yesterday, and bought some better scrapers, along with some acetone so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully we can get all the crap out of it before noon, then it’s just a matter of cleaning up, some light sanding, and reapplying the window. Fingers crossed. It will be great, if that actually fixes the window for good. Or at least, for a few years. That would be a bit improvement. We’ll see how it goes. Don’t be shy with the sealant, is all that I can say. So, what else is going on. It looks like, the trick this morning, will be getting Sam to get out of bed, so I can at least start on the window. Think, I’ll finish this journal, then run up to the grocery store, and get a few things for breakfast. Some eggs, and maybe some muffins for Sam. Karen and Jessica might come up later, which may or not be a good thing, well see how that goes. It’s always hard having people up here, when your trying to fix shit. That’s for sure. Maybe they’ll just go and walk on the beach or something, instead of hanging around, and getting in the way. Probably not. It doesn’t look like I’ll be quite ready for the whole30 tomorrow. It’s going to take a little more planning. I knew with getting this window fixed, that it would take up a bunch of my time, so that may have to wait a few more days. This week is still going to be a good, but busy one. I should have the last of my own editing done on the novel, so I can concentrate on adding more stuff, and breaking it into two novels. Will need to do some rewriting to make that work. I need to have it ready for the 9th for my editor. And, I will need to do more planning on the whole30 thing. That book I ordered is coming, called “It All Starts With Food”. That should be a bit of a help I hope. Oh yea, yesterday, I also re-ran the xmas lights over the patio and fence, which I never actually got to see in the dark, because I left in the middle of the day, but I’m curious to see what it will look like when I get back. The other project for the backyard, will be to see, if I can rescue those speakers mom gave me, and put them in a proper weatherproof cabinet. Not likely, but worth a try. The next step, will be to just go out and buy a pair of outdoor speakers from FutureShop or BestBuy. That’s more likely the case, but it will cost me a couple of hundred dollars probably. Whatever. If the novel starts to do well, then I won’t have to worry much about that. I just today, need to get this friggin window in place, so we can start enjoying the boat a bit more, without worrying about getting wet all the time. Off to work.

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