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Morning Pages Entry – July 03, 2014

Ah, I almost forgot to do this today, and that would have been a bummer. I was trying to focus on my novel writing, and get that first 5K words done before doing anything else, but I didn’t quite make it. I really need to get started around 6am. Tomorrow for sure, i’m going to get up early and get started first thing. If I can get going around 6, then in theory I should be able to have 5K words done by 10am. That would be pretty sweet. I felt a bit lost about where to go with the story today, even though I mapped out goals, conflicts and disasters for a number of scenes. I think, I also need to do some MRUs (motivational reaction units) for each chapter. That would be quite helpful. I did do some little point form list of events the last time I wrote those 5K word days. I think, if I went through each scene, and added as many MRUs as I needed to get me to through the scene, then the writing should flow better. That’s what I want to do right now. It’s about 10:45, at night, and I was just watching the new FootLoose with Jessica here at the boat. Man, that version of the movie really sucks. We were watching it on netflicks and they didn’t have the original one listed. Maybe, if I plugged in the Hola plugin for Jessicas tablet then we could have watched it. Whatever. Today was also sort of cool for another reason. My first book went permafree today on Amazon. It’s moved up to about 5000 in the Amazon free category, which has also got it on a couple of best seller niche links. I like that. There have been about 40 downloads of the free book, so that’s sort of cool. Just imagine, if I could have got a few hundred downloads. Haven’t sold any of the second book yet, but we’ll see. I’ve been obsessing a bit over the stats watching the free book climb in the charts, but it’s all good. The novelty will wear off eventually, and I’ll need to get back to the business of writing books. Which, of course is where the MRUs come in. I was so slow this morning when I got started, and I think it was just because I wasn’t sure where I was going with the whole thing. A little more planning up front, and we’ll see how much better things get. Maybe I can get a few setup tonight before I hit the sack. I’m really sleeping far too late these days up here. At home, I had no trouble getting up for 6am or so each day, but up here I just can’t seem to do it. Tomorrow, it’s time to just force the issue. Get up at 6 when the alarm goes, and get over it. So what if you fall asleep a bit earlier later in the day. Gotta get to work, and get the shit done. Now that I see some books climbing the charts, this is getting sort of exciting. I know this first round of books isn’t great, but I’m really learning how this stuff works. So, if I could just get a few hundred downloads per day, I bet you could drive that first book to the front page of a few best seller lists. Then you’d be cooking. Just need to have a few more books up there though. I do have a second book, but I’d really like to have another 1 or hell 12 books in the series ready to go. Maybe, even get started on that second series. I don’t know, but I do know I need to get my act in gear. Get up at 6, get a bunch of writing done. Then you can stick with that routine when the brothers are here … ha that should be a bit of a challenge. None the less. Just get up and do it. Get up and do the work, then the rest of the day is yours. How cool would that be. Do some sailing, do some work on the boat, do some paddleboarding … the hell, do whatever. That’s what you need to be doing. So I here by promise, to be up at 6am tomorrow, and do the work. It’s a habit. It’s a ritual. Just keep doing it. Come up with the cool ideas, be crazy and go to town.

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