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Morning Pages Entry – May 06, 2014

So, there we go, yesterday I did my first of two days fasting for the week, and it went pretty easy. I did think about it a bit, but I didn’t obsess over it. If I do it enough, I’m sure, this can become a habit. The trick, is that, this time, I’m doing 600 calories, instead of zero on my fasting days. That’s the way your supposed to do it anyways. And, of course, I wasn’t hungry at all yesterday. It’s more of a mental thing to get through the day. It’s the times, when you feel like eating, just because your a bit bored, and want to keep your hands busy. But other then that, it’s a pretty easy day. And, definitely I do feel pretty energetic. I was cold last night walking with Sam and Zoey, but that’s what happens when I fast. When my body is not digesting food I do feel colder. But, the thing is, now I will get to the weight I want. It wasn’t all that hard, I didn’t obsess over it, and today on my non-fasting days, I will stick to my paleo diet and eat super healthy. It’s now been 67 days, counting today, that I’ve eaten any refined sugar, or junk food, or chocolate. I’m sure, that has to be a new record for me. Not that I’ve ever kept track of such a thing, but I highly doubt, that I’ve ever gone that many days without some sort of junk food. I have had a few glasses of wine in the process, but that’s not so bad. I do believe, that I may finally be on track to getting the weight down to where I want it. It’s exciting, to think, that I will finally get down to 155 pounds. I’m excited, to see what that actually looks like on me. I do need to start hitting the gym, or at least doing some body weight resistence exercises. I really wish my should and ankle would heal up faster then they are. I’m sure carrying less weight will help with the ankle, but it won’t do much for the shoulder. Maybe, I just need to start doing some work with it, to push it a bit. I suppose, that it really hasn’t been that long, since I’ve stopped playing. Has it been a month? I’m not sure. It feels like longer. I would love to be back on the squash courts again, but I would also like to do it injury free. And, I would like to be at 155 when I step back on the courts. If this 600 calorie fasting days work for me, then I should be able to drop it down to one day every week or every other week, just to maintain this weight. I’m sure it’s possible. Who, knows, maybe 150 is possible. I really don’t know, what my ideal weight is. I would like to have more muscle in the mix, but I don’t know where my body will settle to. I would think probably somewhere in the 150’s is good for me. At that weight, and with some muscle, it would be ideal for me. Once I get there, I will need some new goal, won’t I? Maybe, it will be to stick at that weight for a period of time. Can I hold 155 for a year or two or forever. Of course, the goal is to be forever. And, with muscle. That’s the trick. Get there with muscle. I haven’t complained about this for a while, but I’ve certainly been tired of having people (like Karen) in the house all week long. I do cheerish having the house to myself for times, especially during the week, when I’m doing my writing. It’s nice during the breaks, when I can just blast my music, and walk around and stretch or whatever. Yesterday I was a bit late going to bed again. Around midnight. That’s two nights in a row, but I don’t really feel all that tired. I thought I would be, but fasting days are always different. They may boost my overall energy somewhat. Certainly, on the fasting days, they boost my energy, but maybe, that will start to bleed over to other days. That would be cool. Maybe my need for sleep will drop a bit as well. That would be sort of cool. Lately, I’ve been finding, that 7 hours per night is fine. I feel pretty good with that. But, if it dropped to 6 or 6.5, I wouldn’t object. We’ll see how that goes.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: pretty good LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: editing TV: orphan black, game of thrones BOOK: none GAME: Batman Arkham City EXERCISE: walk 1 hour WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: none SNACKS: orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:00 AWAKE: 6:30


Morning Pages Entry – May 01, 2014

So, today, the first of May, and where do we sit in the grand scheme of things. Hmmm, well Jennifer has moved home, which is sort of cool I think. Haven’t seen here a whole lot yet, but we’ve certainly seen a lot of her stuff. It’s been plunked in the living room cluttering up the whole place ever since she moved in. I’m sitting at around 171 pounds, and a bit annoyed with my weight loss. But, of course, yesterday, I took steps to remedy that. I did some intermetent fasting, by only eating about 600 calories. I’m thinking, that I will do that once a week. It’s that diet idea I watched the documentary about, where the guy fasted twice a week and restricted his diet to only 600 calories (500 if your a women), and lost a bunch of weight. It’s not just the weight loss that is important here though, it’s the other stuff your body can do, while it’s not digesting food all the time. Which is stuff like repairing cells and building new healthy cells. I tried it a bit myself, but actually did the 0 calories day approach. That drove me nuts, as I was constantly obsessing about food, and I ridiculously over ate on my non fasting days. I think that may have started me down a binge period with chocolate. So, we’ll do it the way they recommend, and just do the 600 calorie thing. I might be a little over, but yesterday all I ate was my regular breakfast of bacon and eggs and an orange. It’s actually my favorite meal of the day, so I don’t mind it really. It didn’t feel like a major difficulty yesterday. We’ll see how it goes. If the one day a week works, maybe at some point, we’ll bump it to two. We’ll see how I feel after a month or maybe even a few weeks. Twice a week would be better for sure, and would increase the weight loss, but I don’t want to make myself crazy with it. Maybe I’ll do next Monday, and see how it feels. I used to do Mon and Thursday. That would likely work again. I was playing squash on those days, as it took my mind off the food thing. I think, maybe I’ll just have to find something else to preoccupy my mind. Like maybe get some more writing done. Or, perhaps finish your taxes. Or, do something for the boat. That would be nice. Anyway, speaking of writing, the novel or more specifically, the editing of the novel, continues to move at a glacial pace in terms of completion. Although, I did get my first critique yesterday from the CritiqueCirlce website. It was a good one I thought. Some stuff, I had a feeling I’d get nailed on like too much narrative, but he also presented some other ideas, like the Colonel needed more motivation for deserting his troops. The critiquer thought he was a bit of a bastard for leaving his troops, and I must admit he would have to be. The question is, do I want him to be seen as a baster or not. I’m not opposed to the idea, but I’d rather it be a concious decision on my part, as opposed to leaving it to chance. Whichever, I do need to get this whole editing thing moving along much quicker. I’m still working my way through the story, and still have about 60000+ words to make a first good edit pass through. That’s quite a few words. I could get it done in 3 days I think at 20K per day, if I really focus. I really need to focus on that. I so want this done. even an initial pass, doesn’t make the thing perfect. Dave seems too busy to get through it at any pace, and the Critique Circle would also take forever using it as a free member. I would be fine paying for a membership, if I had a few partners to go through my novel in a private queue. Alternatively, I may just end up paying for a proofreader or line editor. I’m not sure the difference between the two, but that may be the approach I need. I really want to move quicker through this edit phase. An initial pass on my own would be good. I can certainly see, where you want to have an editor you can queue up ahead of time. Plus, if you can do the first good pass of editing after you write the chapter, then you can definitely send that chapter on to like Mark or Dave and have them review it while your writing the rest. That would be so much quicker.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: pretty good LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: editing TV: supernatural BOOK: none GAME: Batman Arkham City EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 171 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: none SNACKS: orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:45 AWAKE: 6:30