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Your Mission

I love to write, I want to write, I need to write, I have to write. It is who I am, and everything I want to be. It’s an obsession worthy of pursuing and one of infinite possibility. How can I not? It scares me sometimes … and all the time. Why wouldn’t I want to chase it? Why wouldn’t I. I would. So, about the current state of affairs of the country … where is it leading to … no not my country, really I couldn’t care less about that. What I care about, is the current state of the country in here … in my head, and where I’m writing. It’s funny that we think of writing taking place in a computer, or on a sheet of paper, or on a typewriter, or on stone tablets, or on a cave wall, or in the dirt. But, it doesn’t and it can’t … they’re all just copies of what we need to do. So, let’s have it shall we. Let’s say were all writing takes place, and obviously it’s in the brain inside the head and not in the physical sense of brain pieces and skulls, and synapses, but the metaphysical part of the brain where ideas collide and race and crash. It’s ideas that run rampantly around into each other and make no sense till we corral them and mush them unceremoniously onto some form of semi-permanent storage, and share them with the world. That’s what we do as writers. We herd ideas as best we can, and try to present them to those curious enough to wonder what’s in the dusty corners of our brain. So, then get to it will you. What is the current state of affairs as it relates to the country. So, I believe that last I spoke, the zombie infestation had been contained to only the americas … that being USA, Canada, and Mexico. It hadn’t progressed into the South Americas, but may perhaps it should have. Need to check that. Either way, not important. What is the current state of the country. Well, it would appear, at least to the general population, that the entire zombie threat has been annihlated … not the zombies themselves, just the threat. And, of course, we all know that’s come about, because of the drug that has been created from the research developed at Fort Knox and the CDC. In the last book, the CDC only had a bit of the research done. But given the case of info that Alex and Chaz brought to the CDC, they were able to do research. It seems, that once they didn’t have Christa to deal with, the researchers turned their attention to the case. The case, that had enough data for the FOrt Knox scientists to run with and develop a drug that would render zombies passive, and unable to mutate. They could basically stall the evolution of the species. And, it had the added benefit of doing nothing to humans (at least that they know of … I reserve the right, to ressurect that at a later date, and have it come back and bite them in the ass). So, what else could this drug do? What else does it need to do. You know, I’m thinking right here right now, I should make this little practice journals public as well. They might be interesting to fans of the story, to see some of the creative process I go through to create each scene. Ha! Probably not. Either way, it seems a bit of a shame not to do something with them. No point in just burying them away on my hard drive somewhere. Throw them to the wind I say, and see where they land. So, I’m also thinking, that it might be time for Chaz to meet one of the regents … or maybe not? Maybe a spokesperson of the regents? Na! I say, bring on a regent. A living and breathing regent. Is this disease still contained to the Americas? Yes, I say it should be … we could always spread it at some point, but not for now. So who should this Regent be. We need some evil but authoratitive type name … check out the name generators. Chaz should bargain for having Alex with him. What is it about Chaz that they really want? It’s got to be tied to Christa somehow. That’s the only real advantage he would have. OK, let’s get on with it.