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Morning Pages Entry – April 30, 2014

Ahh, so it looks like this will be another complete month of writing morning journals for me. That’s getting to me not such a big deal anymore. What I really want, is to have a story out there though. I’ve been reading a number of interesting posts on the Kindling FaceBook page about some huge success stories people have been having with their books, by promoting them through FaceBook ads. The last one, was about someone getting to over $10K per month within 5 months. That’s pretty impressive. FaceBook ads do seem to be pretty well targeted things, and books are a perfect fit for books. Not everything is good for advertising on FaceBook, but I think that books definitely are. People want to have fun on facebook, and anything to do with entertainment, is definitely a good fit. What I really need though, is to have some stories out there. I really want to have a product on the market that I can market. It will be nice to have something that I make some decent commissions on, instead of just pennies per click. Being able to sell a series of books at like $10 commission for the whole 5+ books in a series wold be a nice change. So, another question, that is coming up. Now that Jennifer has moved back home, it’s time to fix this families eating problems. Jennifer did mention, that she wanted to do a whole30 for the month of May. I would be up for that, given that my weight loss plans seem to be stalling again. It’s like I get to these plateaus of 175 or 170, and then I get stuck there. Right now, I seem to be stuck at 170ish. Maybe, I need to do a bit more of that intermittent fasting where you only do like 600 calories on certain days. I could just eat my eggs and bacon breakfast those days, and see what happens. I think I’ll do that today. In theory, that should be about a pound a week. As long, as I don’t go crazy on the regular feed days. Of course before when I tried it, I went for the 0 calories per day twice per week and that made me just a little bit nuts. So, do it instead, the way the program suggested instead, and stick to 600 calories on your fast days. You can do that no problem. Lately, I have been eating too much fruit and not working out since I’ve been laying off squash. I think, that’s why I’m stalling. I really really really want to get down to 155. That would be pretty incredible for me. So, starting today, I will go for two days per week with only 600 calories. That shouldn’t be too hard. By the end of May, I should be down to 165, no problem. Then it’s only two more months, and I hit my 155 number. Maybe sooner, if I can get a little more activity back into my routine. Although, I know I’m going to be a while still healing from these squash injuries. Which kind of sucks. Walking a lot is just not the same thing. Although, I will be doing a bunch of walking up at the boat this year. One or two walks everyday down the beach will be good for me. I need to drag Jessica out into doing those as well. They would be good for her as well. And, get herf to eat a bit better wouldn’t be such a bad thing as well. So, let’s get going and kick this thing into high gear. Get down to 155. I can do that. And, get this damn book out there so you can get started on the next one. That would really make my day. Get a cover done. Get the editing done. Get everything done, and start plotting the next one. It’s got to go faster then this one. Having three full length novels out there, and getting the word out about them, will get some cash flow going, and start to move things in the right direction again. That one guy did over 200K in his first year. My next 12 months could be like that, and things could be so different for me. Freedom, travel, toys, boats, and what have you. Not to mention creative expression on a scale beyond expectation. Then, the next plan, will be to get Dave and Mark (and maybe Tim) into the mix. That would be totally cool.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: good LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 3:30 wall sit TODO: editing TV: californication, mad men, game of thrones BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 171 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: pulled pork SNACKS: orange, grapes (too many) ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:30 AWAKE: 7:00