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Morning Pages Entry – May 06, 2014

So, there we go, yesterday I did my first of two days fasting for the week, and it went pretty easy. I did think about it a bit, but I didn’t obsess over it. If I do it enough, I’m sure, this can become a habit. The trick, is that, this time, I’m doing 600 calories, instead of zero on my fasting days. That’s the way your supposed to do it anyways. And, of course, I wasn’t hungry at all yesterday. It’s more of a mental thing to get through the day. It’s the times, when you feel like eating, just because your a bit bored, and want to keep your hands busy. But other then that, it’s a pretty easy day. And, definitely I do feel pretty energetic. I was cold last night walking with Sam and Zoey, but that’s what happens when I fast. When my body is not digesting food I do feel colder. But, the thing is, now I will get to the weight I want. It wasn’t all that hard, I didn’t obsess over it, and today on my non-fasting days, I will stick to my paleo diet and eat super healthy. It’s now been 67 days, counting today, that I’ve eaten any refined sugar, or junk food, or chocolate. I’m sure, that has to be a new record for me. Not that I’ve ever kept track of such a thing, but I highly doubt, that I’ve ever gone that many days without some sort of junk food. I have had a few glasses of wine in the process, but that’s not so bad. I do believe, that I may finally be on track to getting the weight down to where I want it. It’s exciting, to think, that I will finally get down to 155 pounds. I’m excited, to see what that actually looks like on me. I do need to start hitting the gym, or at least doing some body weight resistence exercises. I really wish my should and ankle would heal up faster then they are. I’m sure carrying less weight will help with the ankle, but it won’t do much for the shoulder. Maybe, I just need to start doing some work with it, to push it a bit. I suppose, that it really hasn’t been that long, since I’ve stopped playing. Has it been a month? I’m not sure. It feels like longer. I would love to be back on the squash courts again, but I would also like to do it injury free. And, I would like to be at 155 when I step back on the courts. If this 600 calorie fasting days work for me, then I should be able to drop it down to one day every week or every other week, just to maintain this weight. I’m sure it’s possible. Who, knows, maybe 150 is possible. I really don’t know, what my ideal weight is. I would like to have more muscle in the mix, but I don’t know where my body will settle to. I would think probably somewhere in the 150’s is good for me. At that weight, and with some muscle, it would be ideal for me. Once I get there, I will need some new goal, won’t I? Maybe, it will be to stick at that weight for a period of time. Can I hold 155 for a year or two or forever. Of course, the goal is to be forever. And, with muscle. That’s the trick. Get there with muscle. I haven’t complained about this for a while, but I’ve certainly been tired of having people (like Karen) in the house all week long. I do cheerish having the house to myself for times, especially during the week, when I’m doing my writing. It’s nice during the breaks, when I can just blast my music, and walk around and stretch or whatever. Yesterday I was a bit late going to bed again. Around midnight. That’s two nights in a row, but I don’t really feel all that tired. I thought I would be, but fasting days are always different. They may boost my overall energy somewhat. Certainly, on the fasting days, they boost my energy, but maybe, that will start to bleed over to other days. That would be cool. Maybe my need for sleep will drop a bit as well. That would be sort of cool. Lately, I’ve been finding, that 7 hours per night is fine. I feel pretty good with that. But, if it dropped to 6 or 6.5, I wouldn’t object. We’ll see how that goes.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: pretty good LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: editing TV: orphan black, game of thrones BOOK: none GAME: Batman Arkham City EXERCISE: walk 1 hour WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: none SNACKS: orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:00 AWAKE: 6:30


Morning Pages Entry – May 04, 2014

Well, maybe, today I will get out, and wax the boat. It’s supposed to be raining, but as I look out the window, the sun is shining. I haven’t checked the weather for Bayfield yet, but I’ll do that as soon as I finish this journal. This morning, I do feel a bit aprehensive about a few things. I think, it’s just the usual procrastinating about the boat thing going on. I’m just sitting here, and wondering, if I even cleaned the wax rags from last years waxing of the boat. It’s amazing, that I don’t think of that stuff till the very last second. And, my back feels a little sore this morning. I have been sitting too much doing work these days, that’s for sure. I do like working up stairs, but I don’t have a proper stand up desk for the laptop upstairs. I should look, and see if I can find something better. It wouldn’t be that hard to rig something up. Maybe, something I could take to the boat later. I think, I would worry so much less about things, if I knew, that the finances were taken better care of. Just, imagine, what it would feel like to wake up in the morning, and know, that you had no debt, and that there was extra money sitting in the bank. That would be nice. During the day, my brain seems to rationalize it’s way around the situation, but first thing in the morning, it’s more like my lizard brain is in high gear, and my rationale brain hasn’t kicked in yet. I do believe, that if I can just get this writing books thing into real production, and have a book coming out every month, that things will turn around in a big way. Like, a life changing sort of way. I really want that to happen. I’m just not good with distractions. Like have other things to do, like taxes, and boat maintenance. I have a hard time concentrating on those other things, when I do there’s one big thing (like publishing books and making money for instance) that needs to be worked on. It’s really a problem. I need for all that little shit to go away. All those little nagging things that persist through life. Things need to be simpler. Simpler and richer. And with more freedom. There’s really, just too much stuff in my life. That’s the problem. Too many annoying things. Too many responsibilities. It just never ends. Does it? Imagine, just being able to get up in the morning, with nothing to worry about. No financial problems, no house problems, no boat problems, no relationship problems, just simple shit. Every day, you can get up and do whatever you want, whenever you want. Imagine, if all you had to do was get up and write every day. Say write for half the day, then go and do whatever. With, nothing else to worry about. Nothing else eating at you. Can the money get you to that situation? I don’t know. It would probably get you closer. But, then, won’t you just want to get the rest of the way. Then, what do you fix? Relationships? Money can’t fix that. Health? That’s actually in pretty good condition at the moment. It’s still got about 15 pounds to go. Then how close to perfect would that be. These last 15 is a damn bitch. I really seem to be stuck at the 170 mark. That needs to move. Maybe getting out to the boat this summer will help. Not sure. You can get out, and do more walking. The food thing, likely won’t change much. I don’t know, if it will be harder or easier, to lose that next 15. The first 8 or 9 didn’t seem so bad over December, but the rest is being a major pain. And, I’ve been really good eating wise, in terms of junk food. I haven’t eaten any in over two months. You’d think, that would be enough to drop the weight. Which it has a bit, but so damn slowly. Just keep sticking to the plan, and staying the course I suppose. We’ll get there. Well, this has been a bit of a rambling writing session. Just feeling a bit unsettled this morning. I don’t like having a lot of things I’m supposed to be doing all jumping around inside my head. I need to purge a bunch of them. Well, maybe, I will get the boat waxed today. Let’s go check the weather.

TIGERBLOOD: a bit DAILYMOOD: good LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: none TODO: wax boat TV: Delivery Man movie, orphan black BOOK: none GAME: Batman Arkham City EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: chicken tuscan salad (East Side Marios) SNACKS: orange, apple, grapes, almond butter ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10 & 11:45 AWAKE: 7:30


Morning Pages Entry – April 23, 2014

So, I’m back to the basement again for the first time in a while writing my journal down here. I’ve noticed that my back is feeling a little bit sore these days, which I’m attributing to sitting down too much using the laptop in the upstairs living room. While, I enjoy the view much more from up there with the bay window, I suspect, that sitting in that chair and working all the time, is not the best thing for my back. I do believe that sitting has to be one of the worst things for your back, and when I’m working from up there, I don’t get as much opportunity to stand. There is no stand up desk up there. My basement office is much more ergonomic in that regards. Maybe, I need some sort of stand up gear up there. It’s probably also why, my back went out so bad at the boat last year. What with all the sitting down and working I was doing. I had no way to stand up and work there. I need to think of a better way of doing that. So, yesterday was interesting. I did manage to write my first critique on the CritiqueCircle.com website. I went sort of looking for a very beginner writer story that I could work on. Someone, that was actually worse then me. And, I found him. And, I did learn a lot about writing a critique in the process. I read a bunch of helpful tips and articles first before I wrote the actual critique. He was very guilty of using far too many words. Words, that didn’t really add much to the story. And, I know myself, that I do that quite a bit. I just did here. I need to work on being a little more brief and direct in my writing style. Especially when I do my first draft. If I could be more concise, and selective about choosing the right words when I’m doing my first draft, then of course my edits will get that much easier as well. I suppose, that I could practice doing that in my morning journals. I do I’m guilty of being too verbose here. The trick, would be to get to the point, where I’m being more concise in my word selection, without turning my internal editor on too much, and having him ruin the free flow of ideas. Especially in the draft stage. Today, now, I need to get at least a few thousand words out there for my first story on CritiqueCircle. Whatever you do though, don’t take forever getting your story ready for the site. I do want to go back, and edit my beginning chapter with some of what I’ve learned already about editing/critiquing. I’m sure, there are plenty of words that I can chop. The idea, is to get the piece out there, and get this editing back in gear again. I would like to have a 1st pass done on my story this week. Today, is already Wendesday, and I think, I’m less then half way through it. Although, I could likely push through, and get 60K words edited by the weekend. Depends on how much I can get through today with my submission to CritiqueCircle (CC). On the health side of things, the scale did seem to budge maybe a smidgen to the light side of 170. Certainly not 169, and perhaps, I’m being a bit too anal about this, but I would really like to get below that number. I haven’t been south of 170 in memory. I’m sure, I was probably down there in 1983, when I was marching with lancers, but I have not idea how light I was. Certainly, it wasn’t a healthy light. I didn’t have much muscle definition based on a few old pictures that I can see, and this time, if I can get to 155, then I will definitely have some muscle definition. But the trick is to get there. I certainly believe it will be easy to maintain it once I’m there. The month of March was pretty easy to maintain my weight, eating just about whatever I wanted as long as it didn’t have refined sugar in it. I ate fruit, nuts, whatever I wanted, and I stuck around 175. Now, since I’ve cut back on the fruit and nuts, I’ve managed to drop another 5 this month. I was hoping for another 10, but I’ll settle for 5 or maybe a little more.

TIGERBLOOD: yes DAILYMOOD: good – worried LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: critiquing PUSHUPS: 3:30 wall sit TODO: submit story to CC, editing TV: Mad Men BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: walk for 70 minutes WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: ham, brocolli salad SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:45 AWAKE: 7:00


Morning Pages – April 13, 2014

So, I do have a plan for moving forward. There is basically more backstory that needs to be written for the novel, before you really start editing. Primarily, so I’m clear on what’s going on, and can make sure that the novel moves forward in a logical manner, and obeys all the rules of the world it’s being written. I’m feeling a bit tired yesterday and today. I’m wondering, if maybe I’m not getting enough carbs in my diet these past few days to keep my energy up. I have backed off on the sugars for sure, but maybe a bit to much. You may have been sending yourself into ketosis inadvertently. Perhaps, it’s just an adjustment period. Don’t go overboard and compensate too much. Let it go for at least week I would say, and see how things are. It’s only been a few days. yesterday, for the first time since I finished my P90X days, I hit 170 pounds on the scale. Now, I know things may bounce around a bit for a while as they always do, but that’s definitely a good sign, to see things moving in that direction. I do think, I need to stop thinking about it so much. When I obsess about food a lot in my head, is when I usually eventually get into trouble with it. Yesterday, I actually had a few notions about eating things tht I really shouldn’t eat. But it doesn’t take much willpower to dismiss those feelings. It’s like, the further I’ve been from those kinds of food, and the longer it’s been since I’ve eaten them, then the easier it is to avoid them. And right now, being up to 46 days without eating processed foods or refined sugar is putting a far bit of distance between me and that crap. It’s a pretty good feeling. I know, that if I can keep this up, the it just becomes a waiting game, till I get to my target goal of 155 pounds. I’m really wondering what that will look like. It’s got to be good. It’s got to feel good as well. Which, is what I’m really going for. Just imagine how much easier you’ll move around and do things. Just imagine, how much clearer your head will be with that extra energy and enthusiasm flowing through you. I can’t wait to get there. I figure, that by the end of May I should be there. By the end of this month, I should be down to 165, then another month to get me to 155. Then, maintenance should be pretty simple. I don’t miss process sugar at the moment. I like last month, when I ate a lot of fruits and nuts, I simply maintained my 175 weight. I should then for the summer be able to maintain my weight of 155. That will be the next goal. To get back to the weight resistance training. Push ups, pull ups (I may actually be able to do some), squats (or wall sits), and my plank moves. A little something every day to keep you in the game. Playing a bit of squash through the summer would be good, but I’m not sure how that will go. I would like to do, maybe once a week. Maybe every time I’m home, I should get out and play a bit. At 155, I should be in pretty good shape. As long as I keep up the walking and the weights. That will be my main training things I think for the summer. I would like a real paddle board, but I’m not sure I’ll get around to that. I should look on kijiji or something, to see what I can find. Boat fixing time is coming up. I would really like to have that front window stop leaking. That’s a major pain in the ass for sure. I should just go up one weekend, and deal with it. Maybe Sam would come up and help me with it. While it’s under the tarp, is a good time to do it. Assuming, of course that the tarp stayed in place over the summer. And, that the caulking I bought last year is still good, after leaving it on the boat all winter. I suppose, there’s only one way to find out about that. Then we have to go along with all the grief of getting launched with the dragon lady. That should provide a bit of drama as always.

TIGERBLOOD: no DAILYMOOD: nuetral LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 2:30 wall sits TODO: read, write, relax TV: american horror story, sons of anarchy, wolf of wallstreet BOOK: none GAME: brothers, bitRunner EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, grapes ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:45 AWAKE: 7:15