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Morning Pages Entry – July 26, 2014

Writing is fun. Or at least it should be for me. Why then, I wonder, does it feel so forced at times? I can only assume, that it has to do with the pressure around being successful with this. It seems to take the fun out of it. I do my best, to just focus on the joy/love/fun of writing when I’m doing it, but it’s always sort of there in the background. I would really like to come up with a way of blocking that shit out. The one obvious way to do that, would certainly be, to just make more money at it, but that’s not here yet. Certainly, if there was no pressure, and the money was coming in, then things would be somewhat different. Not totally of course, as there’s always some level of pressure, to maintain any level of success. But, at least there would be some sort of comfort zone or cushion to support you. That’s where I really need to be. With the third novel about to be finished. Here’s to hoping, I can write the last scene for it today. But once that’s out there, here’s to hoping, that I can achieve a certain level of success with a bit of marketing. I would prefer to just do the writing, but I think with only three novels out there, that it will take a bit of a push to get them selling. I really hope, that the zombie/apocalyptic genre will take off, like it’s supposed to. I’ll still need to do a cover for the book. Just a question of finding the right picture, and going from there. So, why not do a little brain storming this morning and see what I can come up with for the next scene I need to write. It’s basically a sequel scene. Chaz is had is little encounter in the Generals private lab regarding the freaks that he was transporting in the truck and abandoned in the graveyard. They put one of the zombies through the mutation process, and then applied the controlling drug to them. So, where to go with the sequel scene, showing Chaz’s reactions to the whole thing. I think, he should have a discussion with Alex, but without giving things away too much. Maybe over the radio … if they can, without giving too much of their plan for rescuing Christa away over the radio waves. It would have to be something like, where Chaz is wondering if maybe he should really rescue her or not. They would both have to make some compelling arguments one way or the other. It would be centered around balancing the life of one person (zombie/mutant/freak) vs stopping an entire war. Which seems like an easy situation, but then you can throw the whole “freak hugger” taking over the government, without giving Alex too much information …. or not. You could let him know more. I should check the chapter where they connect with Montgomery as a prisoner. Would Alex be swayed, if he knew what the shadow government had in mind? If he knew the vice president was being controlled by a third faction. Then what? Would Alex change his mind. Chaz has seen some things, that make him feel bad for Christa. The way patient zero was treated, the plans for imprisoning here indefinitely. Those things would sway Alex as well. What could Chaz say to Alex to make him reconsider. Maybe, get him to think about his family, if he still has a family living. Or perhaps, about the family he could have some day in a world that’s not controlled by freaks. That’s the way to go with it. Alex doesn’t know, if he still has any family living or dead. It’s been so long, since he’s seen them. But what about his chance for a family of his own. Get him thinking about that. Chaz could reflect somewhat his own family, and what they mean to him, and how much he’s lost. How maybe, he still hasn’t given up hope for them. Alex will want a family of his own someday. That would work, and maybe sway Alex a bit. But, it still will come back to their feelings not just for Christa, but as soldiers, what exactly are they fighting for. For a world where a whole species is enslaved? That’s not what their country is about. Do they want another civil war fought over that. There has to be a better way. The freak huggers will want to live in peace with the mutated zombies, but the people like the General will want to enslave and control them all. Alex and Chaz may believe, that there is a way to let them mutate, without enslaving them, or allowing them to take over. Which, is sort of the premise for the rest of your books really. That is letting them mutate without a controlling drug and taking over.

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Morning Pages Entry – July 25, 2014

Yesterday was good. Today will be even better. Yesterday was over 3000 words writing in a good frame of mind. Today, I will do even better. Not to put too much pressure on, but I will do better. Either more words or better words. Either will work for me. That’s something to look forward to for sure. That is, the day when I no longer worry about getting a fixed number of words out there, but actually concentrate on the quality of the words. And, that’s not something you can ever stop getting better at. I think, that even the great ones struggled with that. The writing every day, will become habit. At least a thousand words … even on weekends, and not counting this morning pages. While these will always get done, and they don’t take me that long to do, it would seem unfair to include these words. So, I was also thinking, that I should start doing some micro plotting while I’m writing these pages, just to get things flowing, I will have to give that some thought here. Nothing is springing to mind at the moment, but figuring out where to go next with Chaz now having seen a mutation take place before his eyes could be interesting. I was think, that the room would be flooded with a basic controlling drug, so that the General could case the girl to do harm to herself. The girl zombie, that is, that just underwent a transformation into an almost normal human. Maybe, she could do something that scares them a bit, but in a non threatening way. Which causes the General to control her into turning onto herself. That wouldn’t make the General look totally like a psychopath in the process, since that’s not really my intention. I’m looking for bad guys, that are not totally bad, but are more complex. Like bad guys in real life, that believe what they are doing is good, and totally justifable in their own mind … like a psychopath I suppose. Then of course, the General could go on a bit about how having a whole troop of controllable freaks would actually be better for the humans. It would be like having slaves they could do whatever they wanted with. They could fight in armies, or do your dishes. Whatever you needed them to do. The question with going that way, is does it tip my hand too early with where I want the series to go. Probably not. You were going there in the epilogue anyways, so why not suggest at it earlier now. That still works I believe. I read some comments yesterday on the Kindling FB page, which were sort of promising. He was talking about how the zombie crowd will read just about anything. That they were ravenous readers (ha … just like the freaks they enjoy reading about). That’s a cool thought. I do hope they are reavenous, and that my series starts to pick up. And it becomes popular with the crowd of readers. This is a genre, that still has a lot of legs in it, I suspect. Kindle Unlimited is an interesting twist on the whole kindle marketing thing. Early indications are showing, that it’s having positive results for those with books enrolled into it. Something like 15 of the top 100 paid books on Amazon where in KU when it started, and only about a week into it, and it appears that something like 45 of the top 100 are now KU books. Of course, with the first 30 days free in the program, there could be a lot of looky-loos that are just taking advantage of the 30 days, and won’t sign up for real. I should likely throw a book into that ring. Maybe that boating book I was starting to put together. I should finish that one up, and throw it in to see what happens. Could be sort of cool. I liked the cover I had for it too. I am in boating season now, and it would be sort of fun to throw that one into the ring, just for the hell of it. Maybe, I could get it beefed up enough for Emily to look at it. If I can get my word count up that is. Not to worry, I will get there. I’m sure I could have gotten to 5K yesterday, with a little more focus. I was organizing a bit too much yesterday. If I can get to 2500, before we head with with wayne and joyce for lunch today that would be good. Let’s get going.

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Morning Pages Entry – July 07, 2014

Stuck in a writing rut again, so today, we’re just going to brainstorm, and write like a crazy fool. So, here we go.

Chaz was shocked and amazed, that the vice president Alvin Theodore was actually here in the facility. Ever since he hard about the blowing up of the white house and the pentagon, he had to assume that all the staff there including the president and VP were gone. Which was part of the reason, why total anarchy seemed to be ruling the roost. Well, it would appear, that that wasn’t the case this time. It would seem, that the vice president was safe and sound. Alvin was indeed a dramatic figure in the entire politics of the united states. He was the only vice president so serve consecutive terms with the same presidents. Given the state of the country durin the internal war time, it made sense to everyone, that there was some sort of continuity at the higher levels, but it was too good to be true, that the vp would be here at the fort. It had been a long time, since there had been a politician that had won the hearts and minds of the general population, the way that Theodore had. He’s served two three different presidents, and two different political parties during his time in office. And, in the process he somehow managed to retain a very high public profile in the process. His approval rating never dipped below anything less than stunning. But, wait a minute, this guy taking the stage didn’t look anything like Theodore. And, as he starts talking, he weaves a story about how the new subject is their opportunity to save the earth. About how, for the first time, this kid actually gives them a chance to beat the freaks at their own game. This is not the vice president. Why are all the people in the room nodding their heads in agreement with what he’s saying. Don’t they realize who he is. How long exactly have these people been locked away in the fort? It would seem, that the military are the only ones with any real contact with the outside, and should it be coincintental that they don’t know what’s going on down at this level? This imposter is not the vice president of the US. He deosn’t even look anything like him. But, everyone around here seems to believe. He’s talking about supporting the plan to push Christa out into the world to spread the mutation, but then he talks, about bringing her back to be studied further. To be worshipped and revered … he actually starts talking a little like those freak huggers. Then the VP drops a few other clues, and starts talking dogma that sounds strangely like the freak huggers, that Chaz encountered out in the farmers field after leaving the swamp. It should be Chaz suscipious, but make it hard for him to really put a finger on it. After the presentation is done, Chaz should snoop around a little more. He talks with a few of the attendees at the conference, then breaks into a few offices, to see what is going on. He confirms suscipions that these are a faction of the free hugger believers. That somehow, they want to want to use Christa in a malicious way for their own enlightenment. That somehow, they can use parts of her maybe, by ingesting bits of her over time, they think they can become like her … one of the zombie freak, and find true enlightenment. But, they plan to keep her alive, in a sort of suspended animation mode to keep pulling body parts, and dna from her to further their sick beliefs and to ge to their version of nirvana. Maybe, it could be the real vice president, but that he is being controlled by the shadow government and used to further their causes. It could be, that they have his family locked away, and threatening to turn them into freaks. That would be a more viable alternative. They could be the ones responsible for blowing up the white house, and the pentagon for the purpose of isolating the vice president for their purposes, and getting rid of the president, when everyone thinks, that they are all dead. This could become another sub plot to be dealt with in later books. There should be some resolution to it here though. Maybe take out a nasty leader of theirs or something.

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Morning Pages Entry – June 26, 2014

Started brainstorming a bit yesterday, using the corkboard screen on Scrivener, it worked pretty good. Had some good new ideas springing up. It’s the first step in the outlining process I think. I’m trying actually to take parts of the ending of the first book, and use it as the start for the third book in the series. It should work pretty well, based on some of the ideas I came up with. Some, are the suggestions that Emily made, which were a number of plot points that I had sort of left hanging in the first novel. It could make more sense to elaborate on them while our heroes are hanging around Fort Knox. I had meant, to elaborate on some of these things, when I initially came up with up with Fort Knox as a destination, but I never really got around to using them. I think, I rushed things a bit, when I got to that part of the story. Kind of like, I felt I had gone over the limit in terms of words, and just needed to finish things off. Now, that’s not the case. I actually need to tell more of the story, and I think there is a lot more hidden behind and under the walls at Fort Knox worth telling. Perhaps, some secrets in the lower level especially, that I never elaborated on. Like who is really in charge down there. And maybe tie them in to the bombing on the white house and pentagon that happened earlier in the story. I think, this could be an opportunity to have a few sub plots going on at the same time. One could be, who is in the deepest level, and the other could be about the growing threat of zombies encroaching on the Fort. Perhaps, it could end with being on the verge of being overrun. Perhaps, someone down in the lower level, allows for the zombies to get into the fort. What would be their motivation. Would they be zombie, or human, or perhaps someone in between. Maybe, their being controlled by the remains of patient zero. Patient zero is an intersting idea. The original zombie … half alive, but barely under controlled … maybe like the very first vampire is very powerful. Would they be sentient? Probably crude, but strong. Christa, would actually have more evolved mutations. Would patient zero, be more like a frankenstien monster? Lot’s of possibilities here … need to play around with the corkboard a little more. At first when I saw that, I thought it was a bit hokey, but now that I spent a little time with it, I sort of like it. It does sort of help to see the whole picture. I wonder, if there’s a way to print all the index cards off, and use them like real index cards on a wall. That could be sort of fun. Then, make up your own as you go along. We’ll have to check that out. I think, I could really grow to like using scrivener as an organizing tool. That is it’s entire purpose really. I still haven’t contacted Emily yet, and I need to do that. I could have 25K new words or more written by the end of next week, which would be good. Monday is a holiday, but if I get some words done today, which there is no reason why I shouldn’t and tommorow, that would give me a potential of 10K before the start of next week. Need to move on that. I really would like, to have a small but fast laptop, with a screen that’s good outside … and is a touch screen, that works good for windows 8. I still sold another book yesterday. I think, I’ve only sold one of the books … the very first one … in the US, and all the rest have been in the UK. Need to work on that. If I can get the first one to go free, that should really help. I need to send a note to Emily today, and book some more time with here. Why am I more fearless in the morning? I seem to have more ambitions and a better attitude about getting things done then, than any other time during the day. During the rest of the day, all the other stupid things that clutter up my life seem to start weighing me down. I don’t like that. Combined with the nagging feeling that I didn’t get any real work down can be depressing. You need to get back in the habit of writing your 5K before lunch.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 10, 2014

So, it would seem the word count continues for the week. Three days in a row now, I’ve hit 5000 words. That’s pretty awesome. [personal stuff edited out]The whole big motivation for me doing this, was that I could get the 5000 words done before done, and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever I wanted. [personal stuff edited out] Anyways enough about that crap, it’s time to put a little more thought into where this story is going to go. So, yesterday I wrote about how Chaz and the General have a chat about Chaz becoming a member of his unit, and then Alex woke up, there was another talk between Chaz and the Colonel about the state of the Fort, then Chaz and Alex met over lunch to talk about launching their plan for the day to get Christa out. So, we need a scene, where Alex kidnaps Dr. Montgomery as she comes out of the elevator. We need a scene where

  1. Alex kidnaps Dr. Montgomery near the elevator.
  2. Chaz goes through the general’s office to find info on the lower level
  3. Maybe a descriptive scene describing Christa’s situation.
  4. Chaz and Alex break into the lower level using Dr. Montgomery to get Christa.
  5. A scene where they make their way out of the complex.
  6. A scene where the General and Dr. Momtgomery discuss how they let them get away to spread the new mutation, and that they have a cure.
  7. A scene where Chaz, Alex, & Christa are lost in the mob of zombies outside the complex . . . . THE END ???

So, is that the ending of the story. It’s not that bad, and it’s a bit of a cliff hanger leading to the next one. There is some resolution, in that Chaz did save the world. Maybe just not on his terms. Which is ok, I suppose. It’s not exactly a happily ever after, but it is an ending. Maybe Christa get’s away in the end. It would at least give you your first draft. We’re looking at probably close to 90000 words I think by the time your done with this. Quit a bit more then I had hoped for, but that’s alright, it’s a start. So, where do we go from here. Into editing I suppose, once that is done. We really need to give more thought to plotting the next novel a bit better. While there is an element to making stuff up as we go along, I do think, that it would be so much better if I had a bit more of an outline to go with before I start. Before I start with editing this first draft, there are a few things, I think I need to write about before I get started. Sort of a what to look for while I’m editing kind of guide. Things about the zombies. About, how there are different levels and types of them. Things about the world perhaps. About, how you could be a bit more descriptive with your writing in terms of giving the reader a better view of what the environment is like that they are in. Maybe a bit more character background on everyone. I want to have a better sense of the world, and the people that populate. Some better defined rules that go along with it. I do think, that I’ve come up with a bunch of stuff during my writing that can be applied to that world and character development, and I suspect that next time around, even if I do some of that at the beginning, that it’s something that will grow and change throughout the writing of the novel. I also think, if I lay things out a bit better now for this novel, that it will be usable and easier for the next one in the series. That’s definitely true.

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