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Bring Back Beth Greene Possible Plot Twists *** Spoiler ***


I’m an author and a huge fan of The Walking Dead series, so I can respect the difficult position the writers of the series are in.  Suspense is essential to any good story, and for a viewer, knowing that any character can die at any time keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat.  It amps up the suspense like nothing else.  Just ask George R.R. Martin, and any die hard fan of the Game of Thrones.  In the spirit of a no spoiler post, I won’t give anything away,  but if you’re the one and only person on the planet that hasn’t seen GoT, stop reading right now, and go watch it.   Really!  You can thank me later.

Oh look, I’m breaking promises already *** Spoiler Alert *** .  If you haven’t watched season 5 episode 8 “Coda” yet, you may want to stop reading right now.  Of course, if you saw the picture up top it’s probably too late. Continue reading