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Morning Pages Entry – April 09, 2014

Alright, fucking eh! But I did it again. Yesterday was another 5000+ words per day. Let’s see if I can continue this for the rest of the week. The only problem, may be, that I’m pretty close (I think) to finishing the rough draft of the novel, and I may not have enough words left to write for it. I suppose, I could write parts of the next novel if I do end up finishing this draft before the weeks up. I might even finish it today. Which, is really the point, of today’s journal. I need to come up with an ending for the novel. I seem to want to just keep on writing and writing endlessly. I should have had an ending nailed down before I started, and I will for sure next time. So, right now, I’m going to try and brainstorm my way through the ending. Then the only real thing I’ll have to do, is connect the new intro I wrote a little more seamlessly into the main section of the novel. Although, perhaps, I’ll do that during the editing process. Anyways, here’s were we are now with the novel. All of our heroes, Chaz, Alex, and Christa are in Fort Knox. Chaz, is the only one we’ve heard from since they’ve been inside. Alex is in a coma, and being somewhat cared for by the medical science staff, although no to the level that Chaz would like. The staff believe that Alex should be shipped to another facility. Christa has been taken to a secret research wing, where they won’t let Chaz see her. They do believe, that Christa is key to defeating the next mutation of zombies. Chaz has a bad feeling about the whole thing, and is hatching a plan to get them all out of the facility. He doesn’t realize though, that the general in charge of the place, is onto his plan and has a plan of his own, to pretty much throw Chaz to the wolves in an attempt to have Chaz killed. So, I’m thinking, here’s what we need to do next. Have the General approach Chaz and offer him a position within his guards to be responsible for keeping the freaks out of the fort, knowing full well, that it could be a suicide mission . . . or just maybe, that it gives the General a chance to keep an eye on Chaz (yea, that may be better). Chaz is more then happy to accept the position, as he believes, it may give him a chance to cause the disruption he needs in the facility, to get Christa and Alex free. Of course, he may have to bide his time, until Alex is well enough to travel. We’ll have to wake Alex up. Then, the two of them can work together, to get down to the lower level and free Christa. Christa should be good to travel, just totally in isolation. They will have to break down, into the second level, and break into Christa’s isolation room to get to her. While, they’re doing that, Chaz should have left some sort of plan in motion up above to create a distraction. Maybe a timed bomb to blow the doors, and allow the zombies in. He could perhaps, blow the loading door entrance, and plan to get out through the front doors, where no one will be expecting. As they’re escaping, they should run into an even more massive horde of freaks. They were drawn to her, because her mutation is now fully matured. Too many, even for Christa to ward off. The novel should finish, like the science team, had enough time with Christa to mature the mutation. They now have the cure and believe they can control the masses. Our three heroes are surround by the herd. Then run the final credits? Is that the ending? I think, that could do it. Here’s a possible list of scenes: 1. General talks to the Colonel about becoming part of his unit. 2. Alex comes to and seems fully recovered. 3. Chaz comes up with his plan to break them all out. 4. Alex & Chaz break into the lower section to pull out Christa. 5. Alex, Christa & Chaz make it outside the Fort and run into the herd. 6. The Colonel & Dr. Montgomery discuss having a cure for the next mutation.

And, I do finally think, that that could be the ending. I could really be finished.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 08, 2014

Well, yesterday was a pretty fucking momentous happening. I managed to squeeze out 5034 words for my rough draft, and I managed to do it all before 12 noon. WOW! How fucking crazy is that shit. And, it wasn’t even all that hard. No doubt, it took a bit of focus and determination, but not an overwhelming amount. That’s pretty crazy shit. I’m really pumped to do it again today, tomorrow, and the next day. Pretty stoked to actually do it for a full week. That would be even more impressive. Forming a new habit, is what I really want to do with this. I’ll definitely have the novel first draft done at this pace this week. I’m already up over 71000 words now, and if I did 5K words per day for the next four days, then obviously, I’ll be up over 90K for my first novel. That’s getting so much bigger then I thought it would be. Which, I suppose is not necessarily bad, but I’m a bit concerned as to how much time it’s going to edit. I’m really anxious to get this first one out the door, but I’ve come this far with it, so what’s a little longer I suppose. I must admit to feeling pretty good about it all yesterday. Having the whole afternoon off was pretty sweet as well. [personal stuff edited out] Whatever, I’m not going to let that spoil the moment. Yesterday, was a pretty fucking cool event for me in this writing journey. A major hurdle to overcome, and just the start of several more to overcome. I really want to be prolific for this writing thing to be successful, and I think yesterday proves that I can be. I just need to do it every day now. Let it form into a good habit, just like my morning journal habit. I don’t even have to think much about these journals any more. I have the confidence to just sit down and write. I know they’re going to be done. I know how long it takes me to write them, and they just happen. They are habit, and will continue to be habit. I know, I can do the same thing with my 5K mornings. It’s such an awesome feeling, to do that I got that many words done in a day. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself for the afternoon. It was cool. Going forward, I will have to decide, if I substitute editing sessions in place of my writing sessions. Or do I do other stuff. I did actually get a few other things done yesterday that were little annoying things that had been on my to do list as of late. That was sort of cool as well. Nice to have that shit taken care of. Stuff, like finally sending off my old Tilley hat for replacement. Well, it’s not actually sent away yet. It’s still sitting on the front bench. But, at least it’s all packaged up, with a note and a cheque inside for shipping. Can’t wait, to get my next bout of writing today. Man, when I get through this week, I will have another 25K words under my belt. That’s not only prolific, but it moves me well down the path, to becoming better at writing. The more you write, the better you get. There’s no doubt in my mind now, that writing that many words will only make me a better writer that much faster. It just stands to reason. So, kick out all your fears and doubts, and just bury yourself in the work. Punch out those words, and come the next novel, you’ll be that much more organized and it will all fall into place that much quicker.

TIGERBLOOD: damn straight DAILYMOOD: really happy (a slightly annoyed with you know who) LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 5034 PUSHUPS: 2:15 wall sits TODO: write TV: stuck in love (last half only), American Horror Storty BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 173 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: spaghetti sauce SNACKS: orange, almonds & olives, grapes ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:00 AWAKE: 6:30


Morning Pages Entry – April 07, 2014

Well, here we go, at the start of what should be a very interesting week. It’s like 6:40 in the morning, and I’m already typing my morning journal. I have to pick up the swim kids at the carling heights pool all the way across town, in about 45 minutes, which means I have to leave in about 25 minutes, but what’s really remarkable, is what I have in mind for the day. I plan on starting to write my 5000 words a day today. I have a plan of events for what needs to happen in the novel, and i’m going to the 45 minutes on and 15 minues off thing with a word goal of 1250 per session. I know I can hit that number easily if I know what I’m going to write about, and I get into the groove. It would be nice, if I could do it upstairs here in my living room on the laptop, as I’m noticably quicker up here, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s all about focus. If I can nail this process down this week, that would be fucking awesome. As to goal is to hit those numbers for 4 sessions, then basically fuck off for the rest of the day. To be able to work only till noonish on the thing (writing), that is absolutely core to my business. If I can get that sucker nailed, then it would practically impossible to fail. It would mean, that I’m knocking out 25K words per week, or the rough draft for a novel about every 2 to 3 weeks. I should be able to get that process smoothed out and perfected in a few months, which would certainly get me on track, to producing a novel every month, if not every 6 weeks, depending on how the editing and cover work takes. Plus, it puts me in position to have a lot more freed up time in after 12pm every day. To be honest, that’s the part that has me fucking stoked. It gives me the freedom in my life that I want, plus it allows me to get to all the other little things in my life, that I never seem to get to. Those things, that I procrastinate about all the time. Or, even the things that I don’t procrastinate about, but would love to do, just because they would be fun, like learn to play the guitar, or do something cool with the boat, or whatever. The things that make life worth living. What’s also sort of cool about this morning, is that I’ve gotten up at a better waking time. I actually set my alarm for 6:30, so I could get up before Karen and the kids. That’s better, as I don’t have to lie in bed, and listen to their frigging banging around the house while I’m still sleeping. I of course went to bed a bit earlier at 10:45, which wasn’t too tough, cause we were up early for a swim meet yesterday. I actually woke up around 5:20 this morning thinking it was time for me to get up, but finally convinced myself to go back to sleep for another hour or so. And, the cool thing here, is I’m not even tired, quite to the contrary, I think I may have a bit of Tiger Blood flowing through the veins. Which has all come about of course, because I’ve been eating super clean like a trooper these days, and have energy to burn. I’ve been walking more then playing squash, which is actually better for me likely, as I’m not wrecking my self tearing around a squash court, and twisting all my joints every which way I shouldn’t. All in all, this morning so far, I’ve got things clicking on all 12 cylinders. I like thinking about 12 cylinders driving me, just because, that’s what would drive a corvette. Just imagine, if you can pull all this shit off, and write a 75K word novel every month, just how successful you would be. Especially in a popular genre like the one your currently pursuing. That would be so goddamn cool. A good novel every month, so by this time next year, you’ll have such a positive cash flow, that money will no longer be a thought in your life. You’ll be doing something you enjoy, because you’ll be better at writing, and you’ll understand how the process works. You will be a complete person, fully in control of your life and how you spend the time in hand. For the first time ever.

TIGERBLOOD: yes DAILYMOOD: happy LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: write like a muther TV: farscape, improv documentary, squash game BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 173 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:45 AWAKE: 6:30


Morning Pages Entry – April 06, 2014

Ah well, here we are on a Sunday morning at almost 9:30, and I’ve returned home from a swim meet. What’s sort of amazing, is that we finished so quickly and are home so early. Samantha was supposed to swim this morning, but was feeling sick again. She’s just worn down again, from too much work, not enough sleep, and too much junk food. She just stumbled downstairs feeling sort of crappy, and looking pretty out of it. I’m actually writing this upstairs with some music playing in the background, and talking to Sam at the same time. I don’t usually try writing these with someone else in the room, but we’ll see how this goes. I’m feeling pretty good this morning, even though we were at the meet for 6:45 or so this morning. I got up around 6:15, which means, I still got about 7 hours of sleep, so that’s pretty good. This eating super healthy and cutting back on the fruits and the nuts this month, I think, is going to be a pretty good thing, at least for how I feel. I really hope, that I can get the weight down. Which I’m sure I should be able to do. I did do it in September, so we’ll see how that happens. It’s definitely worth a try. This journal is going to be one of my slower ones for sure, given, that I keep getting distracted here. But, let’s for the moment get back to the whole weight thing. I’m felling pretty energetic this morning. Probably because of the super healthy eating, and the fact, that I’m not doing a lot of strenous squash playing these days either. Got out for a couple of good walks though yesterday. Did a 30 minute walk coming back from dropping the van off to get fixed, then did my usual 60 minute walk after supper, which I had quite a bit of energy for. I need to translate this energy into my work as well. That’s sort of part of the game plan. Don’t devote any energy to worrying about shit this week, just put it towards writing writing writing. I have to wonder, if I feel this good at around 173 pounds, how I would feel at 165 or 155 . . . holy crap, that would have to be awesome. Be like a teenager 😉 For sure, that much energy would be pretty cool. My energy level right now, feels like I could tear up a squash court. If of course it wasn’t for my sore ankle, sore elbow, and sore shoulder. I could deal the the ankle and elbow, but the shoulder is definitely a problem. I still have the club championship to deal with this week. Could have to play twice actually, if I beat Dean in the first match. That would be cool, if I could beat him. There’s no reason, why I can’t move like a good player though. Especially, if my energy levels are like they are today. That’s for sure. We’ll see how it goes. Basically, I’ll just be a retriever and be somewhat selective about when I can hit with pace. I would really like to kick Deans butt. That’s for sure. Never played him in a proper match before, so we’ll see how it goes. I certainly, wasn’t that motivated to win my first match against Bob Martin last Tuesday. I was thinking, that I had to go to the consolation round anyways. If I was 155 pounds, instead of 173, and I was injury free, then hell yes, I could challenge at for winning the division, no problem. But not these days. Maybe, next year. We’ll see how that goes. Do I really need to play at all during the summer to keep my game up? Not so sure about that. Actually, keeping my fitness level would likely be the most important thing. Correction, not “keeping my fitness level”, but more to the point would be actually improving my fitness level. Improving my fitness level dramatically. That’s what I’ll be looking to be doing. No more losing to these fucking punks out there, with their horrible shot making crap. Game, Dave, Kieth and David. Those guys don’t have an inkling of the squash strategies that I do. Their just in better shape then I am at the moment. Well, all that is about to change. It’s time to be smart about how I train for this. No more crap in this body, and time to really challenge for a spot on a “B” team for next year.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: happy (except when karen had one of her melt downs again) LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 2:00 wall sits TODO: walk, plot, eat TV: supernatural BOOK: descent series GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 173 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: pulled pork SNACKS: orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:00 AWAKE: 6:15