Three Zombies And A Dinghy

So, where do we go with this one now. Originally, this was supposed to be a bit of self discovery after Andreas was rescued from under the water. But now, I’m not sure. I suppose, there does seem to be something, where he starts to get a sense of what he is. This guy has to have a bit of a steep character arc, given that he’s quite a jerk in the beginning, even the beginning from before we meet him on the boat with Christa. But, I would have to think, that since I plan to kill him off before the story ends, that he needs to develop fairly quickly. So, where we would we put him for this scene. Bear in mind, that Chaz is on the hunt for Christa now, and that at some point we want this guy to become like the next big thing, and we should see some hope from him. I want the reader to empathize with him a bit, so I’m thinking we likely need to reveal something from his past … say that something traumatic happened to him as a child. Something that helped to form him as a kid. He, maybe he was an abused kid, his father gets run over on the highway walking home drunk one night, so Andreas has to go to work even earlier, and ends up getting beat up there. Long story short, he has a miserable childhood, and he grows up to be a miserable bastard. Now, it turns out he may be the next big mutation for the species. So, basically a kid from the streets makes it big. Kind of like the beverly hillbillies, except this kid was in pretty rough shape before any of this began. So, where does this scene start, more specifically, where are the three of them Andreas, Leekasha and Christa? They would have had to get off the boat somehow. Has any of Andreas abilities manifested yet, that would help them? Maybe he senses where they should be? So, I guess where we’re starting is with the three of them adrift somewhere … or perhaps they’ve landed somewhere not far from swamps of something. We were going to end up back there at some point were we not, where they had some sort of network through the sinkholes for hiding or whatever. Maybe Christa only … could that be where she disappears to?

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