Water And Ash

Arrgh, so here we go, finally at the point where I can write the character Andreas into the script. He was supposed to be the main antagonist to start off the novel, but I got so wrapped up with the beginning of the series In the first book, that I never got around to dealing with this guy. In my original thinking for the story, I was kind of modeling it roughly after Blade Runner and Andreas was sort of like the Roy Batty character played by Rutger Hauer. I think, I still stick to that original idea here, as that character is still sort of how I envision him. The other angle I kind of have to throw into the mix now, is how this character relates and connects to Christa. Christa, would certainly be higher up the food chain and I haven’t written her off long term as having a chance for redemption. Andreas however I’d always envision him as one that would eventually fall, and pay for his actions with his untimely demise so to speak. I think that will still hold true. What I need to think a bit about here, is the connection between Christa and Andreas … I do think there needs to be one, based on how I’ve developed Christa so far. I’m thinking, that in the beginning at least ,she should be aware of Andreas even if she is not aware of him. And, I should probably hint a bit in this scene as to where Christa has ended up. We’ve sort of sent her to the Louisiana swamps in the last scene, and I think that could be pretty interesting. The whole idea I had for the sinkholes could be tied into her connecting with Andreas, and explain how she’s managed to remain hidden for all this time. You did mention the whole sinkhole thing at the very beginning of the first book, and I liked the idea of expanding on it, and I think now would be the time to do that. It could be sort of like the underground network for the zombie revolution that Andreas will head up, and somehow, that Christa should be a part of. I’m thinking, that she won’t be totally evil, just more confused and misguided at the moment. But she certainly will be making decisions that would lead one to believe (Chaz and Alex as well) that she has very nefarious intentions. So, where do we go with this plot wise? Need to look at Andreas in future scenes. Given the length of the scenes so far, I’m thinking, maybe I need to combine some of them. Like the Andreas Rescued scene that’s supposed to happen later. I’m thinking, maybe we do a bit more with Andreas in this scene, and maybe even have him inadvertently kill a few humans. What would Christa’s involvement be with all that? I think she needs to have some connection. Maybe, she’s experimenting with her abilities … maybe, she does something to make Andreas immune to the Pacize drug … her intention could be to make save him, but as it turned out say … Andreas was a real prick before he began mutating, and now once he comes back, he’s back to being a prick again. Not too obviously nasty, he still needs to believe he’s doing the right thing, but just can’t help himself. He’s been imprisoned for so long with the drug, that he can’t help but act out.


==== PART 2 ====

OK, so I’ve written about 730 words in the scene now, and I’m feeling a bit stuck. I seem to be doing the narrative thing a bit, and a need to get back into the action and dialog thing again, before I lose my reader. So, we’ve got ole Captain Willy running the boat up and down the gulf coast collecting dead (really dead) zombies, and I think I want Christa to have somehow worked her way on board, and to be targetting Andreas who is one of the two crew that are working under Willie. Now, how would I do that. What kind of abilities would Christa have to have to be able to stealthy sneak aboard the boat … ah, wait a sec, how about some sort of mind control … I mean, you’ve already sort of set a precenent for it with Patzy, where she can talk to Chaz through machines, into his dreams. So, given the Christa is the newer and better version of Patzy, then why wouldn’t she be able to do that. Ok, that’s one problem solved … how about what does she do with Andreas … somehow, she weans him away from the drug, he loses control, and retaliates against the captain, and kills him. Let’s say this upsets Christa, as that’s not supposed to happen, and she loses control of things a bit. Andreas ends up escaping, and that leaves a shrimp boat afloat, with one dead captain, and one other doped up zombie still under the control of Pacize. Is he totally under control. Or should perhaps both of them be gone. Maybe Andreas should go over the side. The boats auto pilot could just be left on, and it would get the boat to New Orleans harbour for later … or it could be found drifting by another boat. Andreas could get have taken a life preserver … or the emergency boat … or just swam to shore? Not so sure about that one.


Part 3


Ok, arrgg. This is my third attempt at getting this scene done, and I seem to be stuck again. So, what exactly is it you want to happen now. I hink I’m at the point, where I’ve layed enough ground work, so it’s time for some action to bring this scene to a close. Let’s say, that Christa tries something a little different, like physically making contact with Andreas … say, she goes over and grabs him by the shoulders, stares him straight in the eyes and yells at him.

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