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And, so what would you say, if Chaz was just waking up, and wondering what it was he’s supposed to be doing here in this bed. Well. Wait a minute, why is this damn thing spacing so much out. Allright, there we go, now it’s not doing anything so silly. So, what are you going to do to snap out of this crazy shit. Right now, I’m just writing for the sake of writing, as fast as I can, and really without too much sense about what goes down on the page. So, just suppose for a moment, that I had some good ideas about what I wanted to write here. Suppose for an instance, that I had a clue … about anything. So, what about the elements of a good scene .. Hell fucking yes, we can do that. So why not do it. What the hell is Chaz’s problems here. Well, he’s waking up in a strange place, with strange people, and all his friends seem to have deserted him. Damn, I mean what the fuck. Why would my friends all have deserted me. Last thing I remember, is kicking ass all the way out of the most heavily fortified place known to modern mad, and now for some reason, I can’t even get out of bed. And, why the hell does my penis feel so wierd. Reaching down to grab himself, Chaz realizes there a tube sticking out of his penis, and it’s taped around him. Goddamn, he says. What the fuck is going on around here. Why am in such a damn mess. There are tubes stuck in my arm, coming out of my mouth and machines all around the frigging place. What am I doing here, and why are there tubes sticking out of my dick and my ass. Woah, don’t want to get too fascinated with that shit. This is not that sort of book, but it would seem, that Chaz is in a tough spot here. He can barely move, and he can’t even ring a button or anything. It’s dark as hell, all the lights are off. Maybe we start this whole scene, where he doesn’t know where he is, and say, neither does the reader. Let’s say, he just gains some consciousness and even though he’s in a totally dark hospital room, he begins to get sensations back gradually. This could take place over several hours, or minutes … my choice. But, let’s say, that his senses gradually start coming back. Sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing. They could come back all at once, or in some random order, or even a little bit or each at a time. Don’t start revealing where he is until at least half way thgorugh the scene. Maybe little hints, but not much. Make it seem, perhaps, like he’s buried in a coffin, where he can’t see, and it’s hard to breathe, and he feels restrained. He starts to think, that he’s been buried alive. And, hopefully, the reader believes it too. Make it suffocating … make it uncomfortable. Freak Chaz out, and maybe freak out the reader as well

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