Morning Pages Entry – December 09, 2013

Watched some pretty cool videos from TED last night via NetFlix. Stuff about how to make your life better, and becoming a better person. How to find happiness, live a longer, and more fufilled life. I still like the one from the gamer girl that talks about how your life can be more fufilled, and less full of regrets come your final days. It’s a pretty inspiring story. I think I should watch a few of them again. It’s interesting, how I seem to be gravitating to some of those more educational documentary style shows in my older days. It’s something my dad used to do as well. He would most certainly have enjoyed this age of information and technology these days. He was always into the gadgety sort of thing, and it was his interest in that that kind of got me into computers in the first place. His buying the TRS-80 and the Commodore 64 really got me into computers, and that was a big start for me. But, in hindsight, going into the business side of computers was really not the right choice for me. It took me a lot of years to figure out. I still remember, in my first few days of college, sitting down one of those corridors at Lambton College, and writing down the script and back story for some sort of computer role playing game with pen and paper. I didn’t know enough at that age, to follow my heart into what I really wanted to do. I wonder how different my life would have been, if I had pursued a career in the gaming side of computers at that time. It certainly would have changed the people who are in my life including my family, which I have a hard time imagining. I wouldn’t want to know a world these days, that didn’t include my kids in it. [Personal stuff edited out of here] I don’t think money will solve that problem. That’s what one of the videos I watched yesterday talked about. We have all been conditioned to believe that hard work brings success and that success brings happiness. But the point of that video, was that, we’ve been taught all backwards. We need to find happiness first, and that happiness, will make our work more successful, because we’re already happy. Which, makes more sense, then torturing yourself with drudgery to attain an ever moving goal post of success and inevitably success. It does make more sense. Learning to be happy in the moment with what you have and where your are and who your with is the key to everything. I need to learn how to do that. I think I need to watch some of those videos again. They’re a good influence for sure. I’ve read so many times before that doing things for the money is just so wrong. The money can’t be foremost in your mind. Being happing in the moment is where you need to start, and let everything flow from there. The hard work, the success will come from that place of happiness, not the reverse of that. I need to focus on that. There were a few things they mentioned as well, like the video that talked about meditation for just 10 minutes a day, that helped. He didn’t really explain how to do it, but I’m sure that’s something I could figure out. Ahh . . . also the video about lie spotting was pretty cool as well. Her book would be pretty interesting to read I think. To really know when people are telling you the truth, and when they are full of shit would be pretty interesting. And useful, as well in everyday conversations. You could be like that guy on TV that knows what everybody is really up to. Wonder if that would be a good thing. Do people’s lies protect us from what they’re really up to, and do we want to know what they’re really up to. I do think I’ll be watching those videos again. I can’t quite remember them all this morning, and they did seem pretty worthwhile.

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