Morning Pages Entry – December 24, 2013

Yesterdays squash game was simply awesome . . . at least for me, not so much for the guy I was playing . . . sorry Mark. But, for me it was the best I’ve been moving in a long time. I was getting to all kinds of shots, I had time to watch Mark, and was getting pretty good at reading what kind of shot he was going to hit. I tweaked my back a little bit near the end of the fourth game, and it’s still a bit sore today, but nothing serious like before. Overall, it was I pretty resounding match. I lost the frist game like 12-10, which I should have won. I had him at 9-7, and then hit two unforced errors to allow him to tie it up and eventually win. After that though, it was all me. None of the remainder games were that close. I’d build big leads, and just hold on to the leads to finish them out. I realized a few weaknesses in Marks game as well. His shots down the left wall have little to no pace on them, and if I’m quick enough to get back to the tee, then taking them early is no problem. While he generally hits a pretty well placed ball (tight) down the left side, his lack of pace makes them easy to volley and attack with. In general, I was able to take a lot of his shots earlier then I usually do. There were a few more shots I let go, which I think I should have taken earlier as well, but I’m sort of transitioning into a faster game. As I get fitter, and stronger, and lighter, I’m getting to shots a bit sooner then I’m used to, so I’m not always ready to do something with them when I get there. I need to focus a bit more on that. I also, wasn’t watching Mark off of my serve, especially from the right side. I need to work on that a lot more to make sure the guys that take the serves early don’t cause me problems. Mark didn’t do it very often, but there are others that will. All in all, yesterdays game was a great sign of things to come from me for the remainder of the season. It’s definitely a good indication of what I will be capable of when things get tougher down the road. I’m currently still at 175+ lbs, and have at least 15 more to lose, before I’m really where I want to be. That’s about double more pounds to lose then I’ve lost already. Should be a really interesting close to the season. This team is about to go on a tear through the rest of the teams. Time to send a message. And, speaking of losing weight and fitness, today is day 30 of my no junk food / no refined sugar / no process foods goal setting. It’s been awesome, and not really that tough. I’m officially setting a new goal for me today, and that is to go for another 30 days of the same thing. Sure, it’s Christmas eve, and there’s going to be lots of temptations over the next couple of days, but that’s not a problem. I’m gonna kick the Christmas junk food demon right in the ass. All the way to me getting to 160 lbs, and dominating the “C” division for the rest of the season. This is going to be so cool. Plus, I can’t wait to see how I feel when I get to that weight, and how I look in the mirror. With all the weights I’ve been doing, the goal here is not to just get skinny, but to get a little bit jacked in the process. I want to be light and strong. Like a mini sprinter. All muscle, and not fat. At least not to much of it. If I can keep that up, that no doubt, I’ll be ready to play “B” come next year. [personal stuff edited out] They just keep hanging up there, because their pride won’t let them drop back down. Man, I already feel much better at this weight, another 15 pounds will be truly incredible.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: wrap presents, weights, tony robbins, TV: ghost protocol (movie), glee BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: chipolte firecracker burger (from Montanas) SNACKS: orange, grapes, almonds ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1 am AWAKE: 9 am

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