Morning Pages Entry – December 30, 2013

Well, it looks like we’re gradually getting back into things again, as I was up early, though not too early, on a holiday Monday, to pick up Samantha from the pool after swim practice. That girl really needs to get her drivers license. She’s not trying all that hard really to get it, and that’s sort of annoying. She should be practicing more, even before she takes drivers ed. It’s like she thinks she can just take drivers ed and pass the test, which really can’t come soon enough. Well, yesterday, was sort of fun. I ended up installing a bunch of the games I downloaded from PSN plus yesterday, and got to play a few different games. Borderlands 2, seems like a really cool one, and Grid 2 also seems like a really cool driving game. A really TOUGH driving game actually, but it should be fun to go through. I also played XCom, although basically just through the tutorial. It’s a different sort of game, sort of like a strategy game, but with video clips of third person shooter mixed in. It definitely seemed a bit older, but I’ll give it a bit of time to get used to and we’ll see where it goes. I also played the Galaga version for the PS3 on the upstairs PC, with the stereo/subwoofer cranked up. That’s sort of fun. Actually quite a bit of fun, it really goes boom good 😉 Stardust is a similiar game, in that it’s old school arcade style, and it’s fun to play with the subwoofer cranked up. I think that could be my new therapy. Or at least one of my new therapies. These journaling pages, and my tony robbins tapes are pretty good for that already, and I’ve noticed, they seem to have a profound effect on how I feel everyday. I haven’t done many of them with the holidays, and everyone around to interfere with my routine though. I do play to get back at them, just as soon as I can though. I didn’t do any reading though yesterday, and I really need to be doing more of that. Maybe, I just need to set a certain time every day, to make that happen would be a good idea. Something like first thing in the morning, I do my journaling, then I do my Tony tapes for an hour, then I read from “Selling Writer” for an hour. Following that, I spend the next amount of time writing 5000+ words, for however long that takes. I think, I could get to the point, where that takes me to about 4pm. Then it would be an option to read one of my fun novels, or spend some time playing a game. That would be enough of a creative infussion to get me going for the next day. Then, in the evening, I could spend time doing whatever I didn’t get to during the day. I do, think, that trying to do more creative work, does require a boost from consuming the creative works of others. It can be fun, and it can be good for me in the long run too. Of course, some evenings I still need to get out and do some physical activity as well. Doing the pushups every day is a good thing, and something I should do for the rest of my life every day. If I do, I’m sure I can work my way up to 100 pushups. That would be pretty cool actually, to do 100 pushups before the bacon needs to be turned in the frying pan. I could really be a ripped old guy. Sure, why not. I’ve seen old guys do it before, and better later then never. No reason to continue being the pudgy guy, with no upper body strength. I could just keep increasing my pushup load till I get even higher then 100 I’m sure. That would be something. And, pushups are one of those very practical skills to have, as they work a number of major muscles at once . . . chest, core, arms, the whole thing. And not as hard as squats on the legs. I’m looking forward today, to seeing what other games should have downloaded to the PS3. It’s so cool, having all these games to play, for only 50 bucks for the year. I may never buy a real game from a store again. In reality, it’s more games then I will ever get around to playing. And, I don’t have to think so much about what are the good games to play. They just pick them for me.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: squash, games, reading, writing TV: scrubs, percy jackson 2 movie BOOK: none GAME: borderlands 2, galaga, stardust, xcom, grid 2 EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: chicken SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple, extra almonds ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:00 am AWAKE: 7:30 am

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