Morning Pages Entry – December 31, 2013

So, yesterday was a good day for a few reasons, and a bad day for one minor one. I did finally manage get on to reading the “Selling Writer” book finally. I need to do that one on a daily basis. And I think perhaps, go back to the beginning and read it again. It has a lot of stuff in it, and there’s no way, I’m going to remember it all. But, I think if I’m doing writing while I’m reading the book, the book will kind of rub off on me, and will improve my writing as I go. So, the more I read it and write, the more I think of things in my writing that I can do better. While I’m sure there are other writing books that are just as good, truly if I could master all the lessons in this one, that would be an astounding feat. He covers so much stuff, the author that is, and has so much to offer, that anyone that followed say half his rules in their novel, would be sure to find some a good following of readers. And, I suppose having a good following of readers, is what writing is all about. If I can find several thousand readers, that are willing to spend say 50 bucks per year on me, then I can definitely turn writing into substantial income. Not that income should be everything, but it’s definitely nice to have. Not to mention, some interaction with people who generally enjoy what I write. Assuming, I can get to that point, and with the twisted imagination inside my head, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do that. I think it’s more important to focus on the writing and the creativity, and the twisted imagination, then anything like money is important. At least important in the sense of being able to create something meaningful. I still need to get through my head though, the importance of believing in myself, and putting aside the nagging little things that are creating doubt. Thinks like, just get those first million words written, so you can get on to the really good stuff. And not just written, but actually published. That much practice, will be sure to improve the quality of my writing and ensure that I start to feel comfortable with the tools of the trade. I really would like to get to the point, where my novels begin to just flow from my fingertips. Kind of like the way that I’m writing now. Being able to just get your ideas out on paper, no matter how good or bad they are is important. It’s the first step to everything. Once the ideas are there, in no matter how crude of a form, then the rest is just polishing and improving. And, that I don’t seem to mind doing. I always notice, that when I go back and read stuff I’ve written, that it always seems pretty good to me. And that’s in first draft form. I wonder if that’s just my imagination, or why I feel surprised that I can write like that. There’s no reason, is there for me to think like that. I mean really, why would I think like that, or even write that last sentence? It’s almost like I feel relieved (and good) when I reread my first drafts that they’re good. DON’T be so surprised. Of course they’re good, you can write, and you have an interesting view point. I play scenarios and movies in my head all the time, and that’s really what any good writer does. Except, they take it one more step, and actually put it on paper, in a form that’s entertaining to their readers. And definitely I can do that. I mean, if my original drafts are that good to start, just imagine how good they are once I’ve polished things a bit and passed them through the hands of an editor. An editors response would be truly interesting. That’s feedback that would be really valuable I think. They won’t pull punches to make you feel good, and if you use a good one, I’m sure their constructive feedback on stories would be invaluable. That’s sort of the cool part I think. Some actual real help. That should be a motivator in and of itself. That is get a story finished, just so you can use an editor and see what they have to think.

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