Morning Pages Entry – January 04, 2014

So, today is another challenge squash match with Mark, and this one counts for real. He lost to David on Thursday, so we’re only playing for the number 2 spot, but that’s ok. I seem to have lost a bit of my discipline yesterday, and ended up ending a bunch of chocolate last night around 1:30 in the morning. That’s not good. I think, it may have been triggered partially from playing that scary violent video game “The Last Of Us”, which made me think about something I read the other day, suggesting that violent video games can actually trigger your appetite. Yesterday, playing the game, I did feel a bit stressed out by it, and the chocolate at the time was a comfort food to get me out of feeling stressed. Which it did, but perhaps not a good thing for my match today either. In addition, the fact that I was playing a video game till 2am in the morning, and then driving sam to practice at 5am is not a good thing. I’m feeling it a bit this morning, but we’ll see how the day progresses after I have a bit to eat. It’s like 10:30 now, and I’m a little bit behind in my routine, but we’ll catchup. It’s important today, to maintain a positive mental attitude to playing the game and be focused for the full 45 minutes, or however long it takes to beat Mark. I think coming up with a good question or two for my match against Mark would be a good idea. Like “What 2 things do you need to focus on to beat Mark today?.” . Or more specicifically, what 2 offensive things, and what 2 definisive things do I need to focus on to make a victory come about for me. Certainly, if I can get a lead early, and continue to pound on him with that lead, he will start to doubt himself, and all his drop shots will go to shit. Be sure to pressure him, by pushing the T, when he has an easy drop shot, that always seems to mess him up a bit. Being agressive with the T has other advantages, and just letting him know that your there, will put additional pressure on him in a situation that should be working to his advantage. If you can get him convinced early on that he’s in trouble, he will give up and start missing. Also, be careful with your backhand crosses, as he likes to take those hard and early into the front right corner, to put pressure on you. Controlling the T is really important in playing Mark. If he gets in front or feels like he has plenty of time, then his confidence and shot making improves. Also, I found the other day, that although he likes playing back hand length, the shots usually aren’t that great. They’re usually pretty tight, but have very little pace on them. If you keep pushing for the front of the court, you’ll be able to take them early and add additional pressure. Don’t play his game of hitting a lot of backhand length. Attack every GOOD chance you get on the left side. If you play a lot of backlength with him, he get’s very comfortable. But, he usually won’t attack my weak one on the back hand very early. Force the play down that wall, and you’ll keep him off balance. Be relentless as well, and play through the fatigue. Don’t let fatigue dictate your style of play. Or more importantly, don’t let the fatigue get into your head, and influence your style of play. Remember, that winning will fuel your mind to be more focused, and in turn play better. It’s a cycle that you need to use to your advantage. Also, don’t be afraid of his big backhand follow through. Just get to the tee early, and if you have to, push your advantage, by ducking under the follow through on your way to the ball. It’s not like he’s swinging all that hard, he really just holds it for an extended period of time . . . it’s not like he’s going to hurt you with the swing. And remember to focus on what you need to do to win during the match, not on the actual winning itself. Don’t get ahead of yourself, and take him apart one rally at a time. Every rally is a chance for you to extend a league, to push an advantage, to catch up, and to ultimately win the match.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: squash, dinner with Keeches, TV: scrubs BOOK: none GAME: LittleBigPLanetKarting, The Last Of Us EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: salad at East Side Marios SNACKS: orange, grapes, chocolate, paleo pulled port ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 2:00 am AWAKE: 5:00 am and 9:00 am

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