Morning Pages Entry – January 21, 2014

So, yesterday was better then the day before, in terms of getting back into my good ole habits, but not quite perfect. I stayed away from the crappy foods for the most part, but also stayed up a bit too late playing video games, which also seems to mess up my sleep patterns. I played the “Last Of Us” till about 1:30 last night which is a bit too long. I think, it just keeps my brain too active that late in the evening. It would be better to play games in the morning and during the day, instead of so late at night. Better to let the brain relax a bit at night, instead of running it at 5k rpms so late. I do like that video game though, it’s a good one. I’m finally feeling more comfortable with the controls as well, so it’s easier to get through the battle scenes without having to replay them all that much. Also played that “Thomas Is Alone” game with Samantha a bit. She got a bit of a kick out of it I think. Fun times. So, it apparently seems that we’re doing this paleo think with Samantha. They don’t really quite get it, but if your going to do it, you can’t just pick and choose the things you want to try from the diet. You kind of need to adopt the whole thing. You don’t have to get it perfect, but you do have to understand it, and try to follow the rules most of the time. I think, likely the only way for her to be successful with it, would be to have me do all the cooking and shopping. I don’t really want to do that, but I keep coming back to that as a solution to getting things done properly. It would be good for the whole family, and not just Samantha. Karen and Jessica would certainly benefit from it as well. But, it’s so hard to get people to change their eating habits, I’m not sure how successful I could be with it. Although Karen would really like it if she didn’t have to do any shopping for food any longer. I need to get my act together on a few more things, then I would have the time to do that stuff. We’ll see. On the writing side of things, I did get over 1600 words I think yesterday. Still not the 2000 yet that I would like to be putting out, but better than last Friday. The goal for the week is 10,000 words, so we’ll see if I can crack at least 2400 today to make up the difference, and then go from there. It felt a bit laboured, but I think, I can get to it. I remember leaving the story in a bit of an interesting spot to get started from. So, that should make it easier to get back into the flow of things. Certainly getting into a flow is a much easier state to be in. I really really really need to start reading the “Selling Writer” book, or some other book that will get me thinking more about how to be a better writer. Or at least a writer that is more familiar with the tools of the trade, and can output more words on a daily basis. 5k per day is still my goal here, and I can do it. Maybe a bit more plotting to get things going. Perhaps do some micro plotting on the day I’m writing, to give me enough to write about would help. I kind of like the plotting thing. It’s kind of like coming up with all the great ideas, without actually havingto do the work to make it happen. The writing is the real work that makes it happen, and once I get into a roll on that stuff, then everything else is stupid simple. Like going into Fort Knox with a bunch of vehicles that appear to be stolen from the base How much conflict can we get into there. I do need to read the beginning of the selling writer book again as well. It had some really good ideas on structuring a scene and a chapter to make them compelling and encourage the reader to keep on reading. Which would hopefully translate into them reading more and more of my books. But, I need to finish reading the book first, before I go back to reading it again. That’s just the compulsive nature in me.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 1620 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: writing, reading, games, squash league, call mom TV: greys anatomy, dr who BOOK: none GAME: The Last Of Us, Thomas Is Alone EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, grapes, paleo nuts trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:30 am AWAKE: 8:30 am


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