Morning Pages Entry – January 26, 2014

Well, today is Sunday, I wasn’t all that great yesterday with the food thing, but I never seem to be when there is company around. Having Helen here for the weekend for her birthday is nice, but I do seem to indulge a bit to much in things I shouldn’t. Ah well. I will get back on track this week. Hoping the weather is good for her drive home, but if it’s not today, then there is always tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Haven’t tried to do any writing this weekend, but that’s ok as well. Will start up again tomorrow on Monday, and get my 10K week in for sure this week. I should be able to finish my rough first draft on my first novel this week. Given, that now I’ve pretty much decided, that the original outline was far too large, and will probably end up being more of a multi part series. Which is good, as that seems to be the way most people write these days. Nobody really makes it with just one big book. Everybody writes a series, which is fine with me. I just need to get better at knocking them out. Which of course, I will once I get going on more of a roll. 5K per day is doable. I just need a better plan . . . translate plot going into my writing sessions. Then, feel more comfortable with the characters. Maybe more in depth character sketches will help as well. Couldn’t hurt. Getting scriviner and using it more would really help the most I think. You can sort of put all your inspiration pieces together when your writing, so you see everything you need in one place to get your writing done. Pictures, web sites, links, whatever you need to make it work. The boat book I started “If I had a boat” is setup that way, and I think it would help quite a bit. Try to have the whole world layed out for you, and at least partially envisoned in your head, so you can see it as you write it. The goal here, is to get the story to play out in your head like a movie, so that when your writing, it’s more like stream of consciousness writing, instead of forced labour. Like writing these morning journals. You know what your going to write about, because things keep popping into your head. That’s how story writing needs to be for me. Things should just keep on coming. Like the characters are alive in my brain, and the better you know them, the better they just keep doing things, and reacting to the environment you’ve created for them. Just think . . . what would I do in this situation, or what would Christa do in this situation, or what would Chaz or Alex do? That’s the way to keep it real and interesting. Know your characters, and build them a big world and sandbox to play around in, then set them loose. Throw barriers in their way, create interesting antagonistic characters to stop them from fufilling their goals. Be creative, and make it interesting for your protagonists, your antagonists, and eventually, it will be interesting for your readers. Then, it’s just a case of picking the right things to write about. I think, that zombies is likely a good place to start, as there are plenty of people interested in that genre these days, but there’s nothing to say you can’t change that in the future. I think, as long as you have well drawen characters, in a well thought out world, then you should do fine. I need some good templates with good prompts that get you asking questions about the people and worlds you want to create to get you started. Of course, you can just steal inspiration for other books (get reading boy), tv shows, and movies you watch and ingest in the real world. The movie last night was a pretty good example. And it just got it’s ideas from real world events. Which of course, is a perfect place for you to get ideas and charcter sketches from. Art imitating life has worked well for other artists in the past, so why wouldn’t it work for you. And yes, I did say it, I did say artist. It’s what you are, and what your trying to be. It’s in you, and just a question of time, and effort before everyone else knows it as well.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: birthday party, weights workout TV: greys anatomy BOOK: none GAME: bit jumper, Rain EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: salmon burgers, asparagas SNACKS: orange, grapes, dark chocolate, paleo nuts, chocolate chips ALCOHOL: wine 2 glasses BEDTIME: 1:30 am AWAKE: 9 am


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