Morning Pages Entry – January 28, 2014

Well, yesterday was sort of a shitty day. About the only decent thing I got done was some laundry, and played a bit of squash. I didn’t get any writing done. I didn’t listen to any Tony Robbins tapes. I didn’t do any reading that I should have done. Basically, I didn’t make my life any better, and I should have. I need to start focusing on the things that matter, and forget about the things that don’t. Oh yea, and also my ankle is hurting like shit today, and I’m supposed to be playing squash tonight. Not even sure about Thursday at the moment. This is really hurting my squash goals. I can’t let it impact my fitness goals though. Oh yea, I guess, the other good thing I did yesterday was to eat right. No junk, no chocolate. Just healthy real foods. Yay me for getting that right. That’s really where everything starts and ends. Now, I have started the day with a lot of proscrastination. It’s almost 10 oclock, and I’m just getting to my morning journaling now. I have lot’s to get through today. Food, fitness, writing, career, money, DO SOMETHING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. Getting a bunch of laundry done, doesn’t really count. Get out there and make life happen. Need to write. Need to listen to a Tony tape. Need to watch that motiviational youtube video. That always helps a little bit. Not sure what it is about that, but it does seem to do the trick. It would be really nice to get a novel published out there this month, but I am running out of time. There’s only four more days left to the month, and I’ve got 37K or so of a rough draft. Time to really get writing, and editing, and writing again. Story structure could use a little work as well. Make sure your moving in the right direction, and writing about the things you need to be writing about. And, what do I have to do to start getting an early start to the day. I did go to sleep early last night, but still woke up a bit late today. Probably, just because the last few days I didn’t get a great sleep, and yesterday was a bit of a catch up. That’s ok, it takes me about a week to get back into a good eating / sleeping / fitness habit I think. At least a week anyways for me to start feeling the benefits. Yesterday was actually pretty easy to do the good eating thing. Likely because I fell asleep so early, which is a good thing. Have to push through it even more today. No more booze for you tonight after squash though. That’s just not going to help the cause. I really really really want to crack the 160 lbs thing before the summer. I should be able to get pretty close before squash season ends, so no more excuses. No more bad weekends. Stupid swim meets. Although, superbowl weekend is coming up, and going to a party at Tim’s next door, which is bound to lead to some nasty food going into my body. Should try and maybe fast the day before, to see where that leads to. Shouldn’t be that hard to do. Maybe the day of, just lay off the big salad thing or something, which usually fills me up pretty good. Although, that’s one of the healthiest things I eat, so perhaps not a good one to give up. Probably better to give up the bacon and eggs things. Ahhh crap, there’s lots of good stuff there. Maybe just not too much crap at the party . . . learn some restraint will ya there boy. No need to be a pig all the time. Even at a social event. It’s what you need to learn how to do. People and parties sure can lead to problems, sometimes I think I really understand what it is that hermits see in their way of life. Although, I do love being around people and family for the most part, it just sometimes get’s to a point where there’s too much of it. I remember when I first started working at home, what a relief it seemed to not have to deal with people face to face on a daily basis. That proably says a lot about my mindset, but I’m not to sure what. Will have to ponder that for a few days.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 0 TODO: reading, writing, squash TV: greys anatomy BOOK: none GAME: Rain (finished it) EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, grapes ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:00 and 1:30 AWAKE: 8:45


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