Morning Pages Entry – July 02, 2014

Let’s talk about inspiration and habits and getting motivated and excitement, and whatever else comes to mind. First of all, you need to defeat the bastards of procrastination and fear. Those two evil buggers really need to go by the wayside. Remember, write for the love of writing, and nothing else. Let nothing else get in your way. It doesn’t matter how bad or good it all is, you just need to get into the habit. The habit of loving what your doing. They go together pretty well actually, and I know, I really know, that if you stick with it for long enough, nothing can stop you. So, just write … go write your ass of, and don’t worry about anything else. Just make some shit up and get on with it. It’s doesn’t have to be spectacular, it doesn’t have to be pulitzer winning, it just has to be good enough. Good enough for what though? Good enough for someone else to find it interesting to read … more specifically, good enough for someone to pay for. And to be even more specific, homefully it will be a whole lot of someones. Way more then just one to be sure. Actually, hopefully more like thousands … even tens of thousands would be good. The thing I still don’t know yet, is what does that “good enough” look like … or sound like … or read like … or smell like. WHAT IS IT? I read some of my stuff, and I usually think, “this is pretty good” or even occassionally “this is REALLY good”, but then I don’t know how biased I’m being. I do know, that I read some stuff and I think, BLEH! I can do better then that, or at least as good. Maybe, it’s just not my kind of thing, or maybe the bar is lower then I think. I suspect that the bar is pretty low in some niches. But what is it in mine? I sold a few books, in the first few days of the release of the first book, but I haven’t sold any since on amazon. I think, I’ve sold a total of 5 copies on Amazon for 99 cents, and one on Draft2Digital for 2.99. But, nothing else since then. Not sure, why that is. Why would I sell a copy a day for the first five days (actually day 2 sold 2 copies), and then have things peter off. Not sure what’s going on there. I need to get the third one out there though. I do really need to finish it. I wanted to have it done before the family arrives, at least a rough draft. Or, at least the new scenes should be roughed out. Part of it has already been proofed by Emily. I think, I only need about another 25K words, and I could likely have that done in five days, if I get my shit together. So, why don’t you do that. Right after your done with this shit, you should crank out 1250 words. Get it done. Just fire up Scrivener or WriteMonkey, and write a bunch of words to see how far you can get Chaz down the hall and towards the lower labs where Christa is. That’s what you need to do. He can run into patient zero on the way, knock a few soldiers and maybe lab personnel around, and see what happens on the way. Be crazy, and maybe a few surprises will pop up along the way. Be creative, be nuts, come up with silly stupid and wacko kind of stuff for Chaz to deal with along the way. Maybe, he could hear a conversation from a few sciencetists along the way. Maybe he could have a conversation with patient zero … or whatever is left of her. What would have happened to that character along the way over all these years. Would she have continued to evolve. I think, that she should. Maybe she would be aware of all the fighting and dying. Maybe she would know what is going on in the labs around here, but somehow, they’ve figured out a way to keep her in check. Get inspired … get creative … let one crazy idea fuel another, and just go with the flow. You have some scenes where you want Chaz to go, and some hurdles you want him to overcome. Find that feeling …. that feeling where you just want to write and write and write. You can do it … get down to it.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: happy, pissed LOCATION: boat bayfield WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: none TODO: write write write TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170? BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: sausages SNACKS: orange, grapes, half an apple, 4 lara bars ALCOHOL: 1 light beer BEDTIME: 4:30 AWAKE: 9:30

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