Morning Pages Entry – March 07, 2014

Well, another week gone by. Nothing too interesting to report on the squash side of things. We had a bit of a match with the other GoodLife team Greenwood, and I’m not really sure, but I think they may have won. They only had 4 players, and we had six. So their top 3 guys played out a few extra matches. So, of course, they should have won. I lost in 4 to Kyle, but whatever. We both made a lot of unforced errors. I need to get to the novel today. I also guess, that this is day 7 of my new clean eating cycle. Probably a little more then 7, as I think I started a few days before March. But, it is March 7th, and I know for sure I’ve been clean for all of March. My goal here, is to be clean until the night of April 10th, which is league finals, at which point, I may allow myself some indulgences. We’ll see how I feel at the time. Although the longer I go without eating any junk food, the easier it gets. And, there’s no Christmas crap around this time to screw me up at the end. Although, I did do pretty well at Christmas. I made it all the way, with no junk food for over 30 days. Although, I may have dipped into the booze before the 30th, but I can’t say for sure. Anyways, we’re going for a new record this time. No booze until the finals night, and definitely no junk food whatsoever. No chips, no chocolate (including dark), and no other junkie crap that may try to sneak in. Last time, I know there was a few times when we ate out, and I’m sure I ended up eating some stuff that I probably shouldn’t have, but I do remember trying my best with what was at hand. This should be pretty cool, if I can go a full 30+ days till the 10th of April. Which, I suppose would be like 41 or 43 days by the time I’m done. That should be quite interesting. It’s actually not that far from 60, but I’m also quite sure, that if we win the finals, then there’s no way I won’t be celebrating a bit. Maybe more then a little bit. Either way, it will be fun. Of course we still have to get there. I bet, I can lose at least 10 pounds in that period of time. Wow, just getting under 170 would be substantial. I think, when I finished the P90X, that I was just barely under 170 pounds for a short period of time. But, of course, I didn’t maintain it for long, as I didn’t really have a plan for going forward. Now, I do have a plan, and it includes eating paleo for the rest of my life. Which isn’t really all that tough. It may mean the occasional cheats now and then, but grains have been pretty much banished from my life, with the occasional craving for beer. Which I’m sure can be avoided, with a little creative drink ordering, with goodies like tequila shots and some nice carbernet. Something to look forward to. Even after a night of indulgence at squash league finals, the best thing, to do would be to get back on the clean eating for another 30 days or so, until I get under 160 lbs. That’s really, where I need to be. Then, I can schedule myself into a doctors appointment, that is long overdue. That’s another good health goal to keep in mind. Get myself into some really good eating for a period of time, get my weight down, and get my work productivity/writing up which will decrease my stress levels, by making a bit of money, and then go for a doctors appointment. That would be interesting, then to see where I end up in terms of blood tests and other stuff. It would be pretty cool then, to see choloesterol numbers go way down, then you could let your brothers know, especially brother Steve, who is taking some sort of statin to control his cholesterol. Which is likely not a very good idea. But, it’s a hard story to get across without some real evidence. If I can get it all down naturally, then, it makes sense, that it would be good for him to do the same thing. Given our identical genetics and all. That would be a double win in my books.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: editing TV: farscape BOOK: none GAME: Runner2 EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 174 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: salmon patty SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1 am AWAKE: 9:15


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