Morning Pages Entry – May 02, 2014

So, it seems that more success stories were the order of the day yesterday. I’m beginning to not mind so much reading them, as I suppose one of my big worries, is that I’m going to miss this train. That train, being, the opportunity to start writing stories, and make money at it. Part of me thinks that, we’re in this era, where anyone that makes a prolific amount of good stories can make money. And, that does seem to be true. Right now, I’ve read about lots of people that put lots of stories out there, and make a decent living. I’m not sure, if there’s anyone putting out a lot of stories in a popular genre, that isn’t making a lot of money, but there certainly could be. Anyways, part of me thinks that this is sort of like the way websites and seo were a few years ago, where anyone could make money, but eventually things got saturated, and it became incredibly difficult. But, I think, the book thing is different, and here’s why. The book is the thing. Websites that became popular, had the SEO and links connected with that website directly. You couldn’t just magically, take a website content, and move it to a different domain name and be as successful. That original domain was part of the website success. It’s reputation and seo standings were seprate from the actual content of the site. Books, don’t really sell that way. The whole seo thing, is out of the equation. Now sure, there’s how the book ranks in Amazon that helps, so I could make that comparison, but the book stands more on it’s own, no matter where you sell it. It could be Amazon, or it could be some other book seller. But, I suppose a bigger distinction to make for me, would be to say that the content of my books will be much more valuable, then the content of my websites. I rarely bothered with moving the content of my sites from somewhere else, because the content was just a lot of fluff. Nobody really cared about it. My books however, the content is everything. It’s hand crafted and I care about what it says, how I say it, how it’s structured, and that it’s interesting. That’s the single biggest difference. And, this time, I do plan on building a mailing list I can do something with. I do sort of build a list for camera buyers at one point, but never did anything with it. This time, I will have more books coming out, and I will let those previous buyers know, that I do have more books coming out, and hopefully, that will become a real tool in my marketing campaign. Having a bunch of readers that have already bought my books in a list is the key to independence from sellers like Amazon and iTunes, and Barnes. I can basically sell my book from anywhere I want to. That is, really where the power is. Although, having those readers coupled with the power of an Amazon is pretty substantial as well. Having those mailing list fans buy your stuff first and having that boost get your book ranked in Amazon is a pretty good strategy as well. I’m so looking forward, to having this first book done and out there. I really want to have something to promote. And, I really want to get my process going for the next book, where I’m writing and editing 5000 words per day. Then, things can really start rolling along. That would be a process that kicks ass, and makes money. I’m quite sure of that, and I can have a blast doing it. Just get some friggin books out there. Get one book out there! That’s where to start. Then, I can start jetting around the world. Visiting family, buying a bigger house, and a bigger boat, just because it would be fun to do so. I was thinking last night, as I was walking, that I would love to have a house with a music room. A music room, with a baby grand piano in it, and a totally awesome drum set in it, and a bunch of guitars. And, have it all decorated with music paraphenalia, and the piano would be one of those fancy ones that could play by themselves, or someone could play it as well. And, I could just let the piano play a bunch of songs, instead of listening to a stereo. And, of course the room would have the most kick ass stereo as well, with some really exotic speakers in it, just because I really like exotic looking speakers. And of course cool furniture, for just lounging and listening to the music or whatever. And of course, a band could just sit down, and grab and instrument and start playing something together. That would be so totally cool, and Jessica would really love it too.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: optimistic LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: editing -1586 words PUSHUPS: 3:30 wall sits TODO: editing TV: orphan black, glee BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: walked 1 hour WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: spaghetti sauce SNACKS: orange, grapes, spoon of almond butter ALCOHOL: sip of Jens sangria BEDTIME: 11:30 AWAKE: 6:30


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