Morning Pages Entry – November 28, 2013

So, here we go on day 7. Whatever will I write about today. Yesterday I bought another PS3 for the basement television. I always get a bit excited when I get new gadgets. Even though this is not really new for me, as we’ve had a PS3 upstairs for a few years now. But with all the Nexflix watching going on around here, it’s nice to be able to do it downstairs as well, given that Karen pretty much hogs the upstairs TV. Plus, now I can play games 24/7 if I so desired. Part of me thinks that’s pretty cool, but I haven’t actually played a game compulsively for a long time. Seems like whenever work is not going well for me, it’s hard to take my mind of it and have fun doing anything else. Maybe more gaming time would be a good idea, and help with my work writing for a change. This PS3 came bundled with GrandTheftAuto5 (GTA5) which is apparently one of the most inappropriate games you can play. I played a bit of it last night, and they certainly do swear quite a bit. The fuck word has to be used at least 5 times a minute. It was kind of fun though. Even though I really sucked at the driving part of it. Will have to work at that a bit more . . . maybe today as a reward after I do some writing. So, on to my current writing situation. I’m at the point in my story, where two para-military guys have in their hands technology and medicine that may put an end to the zombie wars that have been going on for somewhere around 15 years. They’re trying to make their way to Fort Knox, where the is rumoured to be a secret facility with personnel that can use what their carrying to stop the wars. On their way, on foot, they’ve just now come across a school bus that’s been in a somewhat minor accident, but is full of children and locked. Their currently talking with the kids and trying to get a handle on what to do next. Certainly making their way across open country/cities with a dozen or so children won’t be easy . . . at least if they want to keep them all alive. At the moment, the kids don’t totally trust our two heroes, and aren’t sure if they should let them on the bus. As an author, I suppose I have a few choices here. The only adult on the scene, the driver is dead, and the apparently other adults that were with the kids (some parents) have left to find help. Now, why would they try to find help. Can the bus move? Let’s assume it can’t. Maybe they can fix the small car at the scene . . . then what do they do. Do they take a few kids with them, and leave the rest? Maybe some of the kids (or just one of them) turn out to be sleeper zombies, and start to turn on the other kids, before the heroes can get inside to rescue them. Maybe if they can get the car running, they could use it to scout ahead of the main party, that would be walking on foot. Does that make things more interesting, or just plain silly. The men could split up. One could take the car with a bunch of kids to fort knox with the tech/meds as quickly as possible. Then the others could start walking that way. They would however be pretty vulnerable. Perhaps, if one of the kids turned from sleeper zombie to killer zombie, and killed one of the kids. Or, if the sleeper didn’t turn, but the heroes just realized/suspected the kid was a sleeper zombie. Then what do they do. Do they just kill them straight up . . . a little kid. Or do they try to save them and get them to Fort Knox for researching. Just on it’s own, it may not try to kill anyone. It’s obviously gone through it’s gestation period. It would be sort of like the zombies that shot at them back at the beginning. Smart / non-lethal / but still a zombie. Our heroes don’t understand the whole gestation process yet, so they may be confused as to what to do. Getting it to Fort Knox may be the best thing. I think it’s best if they aren’t 100% sure, and it adds to the suspense. The hero with the car should take it on it’s own to Fort Knox, to keep it separate from the other kids. Could add a layer of tension that would prove interesting for a while. I need to do something with the suspect kids behaviour to build his character to make him suspicious for both the reader and the heroes.

LOCATION: home office TODO: sites, 2000+ words, GTA5, squash league TV: dr who BOOK: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 180 lbs BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: grapes, orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:45 am AWAKE: 9:50 am … after driving sam to swim practice at 5am

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