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The First Published Works Of Chris Campbell (aka Norman Christof)

So, here’s something a little bit fun and frivolous. My father was a school teacher/principal of a two room school (that no longer exists) in the small south-western town of Courtright Ontario called Saint Charles Borromeo. I attended the school for grades one and two before moving to a different school. My father Norman published a little creative writing newsletter every week called “The Little World of St. Charles.” The articles were all submitted by students of the school. I happen to still have a copy from October 27, 1972. The reason that I still have it, is that I was the official guest writer of that edition. No, it had nothing to do with my father being the editor.  And yes, lucky you, I’m reproducing a copy of it here for your reading pleasure and or ridicule. Whichever you prefer 😉 I’ll also attach photos of the original at the bottom in case you’d like to peruse the other writers in the edition. You can find my story on the last page of photos. I was 10 years old at the time.

The Alien Monster

In the year 1992 a strange U.F.O was spotted by a boy who was at the beach. He saw a space ship splash into the lake. He ran home and told his mother. She called the U.F.O station. Within a week there were signs posted that said, “No Swimming.” There were scuba divers, submarines, and ships with big drills and cranes. Soon the ship was pulled up. Inside was a 9 ft. tall monster. It was hairy and very strong. It was brought to the U.F.O hospital . It was put under the x-ray. All the picture showed was red hot lava. The doctors were puzzled. They could think of nothing, not even the smartest doctors who had been called could find out anything. That night the monster got loose and the whole town was in a panic. The monster used the hot lave in his body to melt down the houses and streets. It killed about thirty people and melted about fifty houses. The whole army was brought out including the air force, big tanks, laser rays were brought out to. Nothing could stop the monster. It just melted all the weapons down. A group of the smartest scientists met and decided on one thing. One of the scientists had been working on a machine that absorbed hot lava, so they would try it. The monster was spotted within an hour. The machine was ready to go to work. The machine was turned on the monster. The monster halted for awhile but kept going. The scientists met again and came to an answer. “It must have its own supply source,” said one of them. They asked for the reports of the hospital. When they got them they started to look over them. Then one of them said to listen to this, “There is a strange soft purple spot on the monster’s back.” He said, “This must be his supply source. If we could destroy it we may be able to stop the monster.” At that time there was a man who was boss of U.F.O. station whose name was Mark Atkinson. The scientist asked him if they could use the gun with the code name X2ZY. The X2ZY was a special gun which was invented by a man who was ahead of his time. The gun had never been used before because it was too dangerous. The chief said they could use it. They aimed the gun at the monster’s back and hit the spot but the monster was still alive so they used the machine they had used before and drained the monster’s lava which was his energy so it died.

There you have it. Feel free to unleash your literary criticism on me at your leisure.


The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 1

The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 2

The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 3

The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 4

The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 5

The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 6The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 7

The Little World Of St. Charles - Page 8

Morning Pages Entry – June 12, 2014

So, still no outline to work from this morning, but I just noticed, that I am only 9 days from hitting 200 straight days of morning journals. I did read through the next few scenes I had written up for after the gang arriving at Fort Knox, but hadn’t looked at in a while. I had decided to end the first story at Fort Knox a while ago, and hadn’t looked at those scenes in a while, and they’re suprisingly not that bad. They certainly need some rewriting, but nothing too bad. Plus, there are only 4 scenes, so it wouldn’t take long to get this in shape. I do still have a number of chapters outlined, with brief descriptions for each. I do, still really like where the chapters were headed, and I do believe that it holds potential for a very interesting story. It has shaped up to be more a dystopian story, then necessarily a zombie story. I’m thinking, I should remove the word zombie entirely from the story, and maybe only reference it as a legend of sorts that nobody actually believes in. That’s likely a better way to go. I’ll have to come up with a better title as well. It’s really more a story, about how society deals with a rather dramatic mutation in the human species, that threatens homo sapiens role as top dog on the planet. While of course, the humans try to control and prevent the new super race from taking over, eventually evolution will have to have it’s way. Mother Nature won’t be deterred. That’s really your over reaching arch. The battle of humans vs the new super-humans. And, if you were going to do this as a series, that’s the story that needs to be revealed. How does that affect what you’ve written already, and where do you go from here? How do you work into the story, things like the sinkholes. It’s time to do a bit of research into that. Could there be a seed, or something buried deep underground, that was left by the ancient aliens, that built the pyramids? Somehow, it got mixed in with human dna, and hatched prematurely, with humans arising out of the sink holes. But, then you still have the whole story around Christa being the next muation. Maybe the aliens that left some dna lying around, were actually a species that evolved much faster than humans. And, that’s really what Christa and the others were part of. It could be, that that’s why her mutation spreads differently then regular human mutations. Some sort of disaster, like the Japan tusnami could have triggered the release of the alien dna. The whole alien thing, could be revealed much later. Maybe, a reference to to War of the Worlds would be appropriate here, where those aliens learned that trying to invade the planet would only bring disaster because of the natural diseases like common cold. Their solution, was then, to leave their dna, so it gradually evolves and changes on the planet, so it becomes impervious to the natural earth borne diseases. It could be their intention, to have their mutation dna actually mix with human dna. Perpahs, they triggered the events that caused it to happen. They are manipulating us … allowing us to fight amongst one another, rather then trying to do the fighting themselves. It could be their attempt to take over from the inside so to speak. That’s not something I would want to release for at least another few books. Perhaps, someone from the Fort could go down into the sinkholes in the swamps, and find out for themselves, that there is some sort of secret facility infecting humans with their dna. And, what if the government knew about it? What if the government was forced into allowing it to happen, as the alternative, was for the aliens at the time to destroy the entire planet. Could this at some point not just be about the humans losing control of the planet to the new super humans, but somehow, for the superhumans to turn on their original alien creators, and fight against them … so that they don’t get control of the planet, which was of course their ultimate goal. Can you tie the god / religion stuff into the original alien race, like maybe they were where all our religious beliefs came from. That maybe, they’ve been around since the beginning of humans on the planet. That maybe, they seeded the original humans, that we rebelled too much, and that the mutation was necessary for them to regain control? Some crazy ideas in here.

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