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Killing It At The Club

Last we saw of Andreas and Christa they’re were having a fight. Andreas just wanted to go off and drink, and Christa has a better sense of the current situation wanted to head for cover. It’s how she’s managed to survive for all these years. Leekasha has been with them for a while, but hasn’t done or said much, other then to follow the two of them around. She needs to get into the action a bit more, and I believe here is where it’s about to happen. Something needs to trigger in Andreas. We need some hinting that he’s more then he realizes he is, and that Christa has a sense of what he may be. Christa has really only had this mind control sort of thing going on. She’s inadvertantly controlled the other zombies in the first few books, and has quite deliberately done it in this book. So, what should really happen here, is that Andreas pulls Leekasha somehow back from the drug induced coma she’s in. Maybe by, making some sort of perverted advances on here or something. That might be appropriate for his character. Maybe, they almost get busted in the bar. Maybe, there should be some thought or description give to how zombies look under the drugs influence vs without the drugs. There were always some that looked normal, and some that didn’t, even before the drug. Maybe, there would have been some sort of branding or tagging done to the normal looking ones(or maybe all of them, that would indicate they are zombies. Electronic tagging? Implants? Something visible only under types of lighting. So, what happens when Leekasha transforms? They should be in a bar I think, and she should just rip people to shreds. Yea. Time for some gore. Some tearing people apart, blood and guts and all that shit. This is a story with zombies in it isn’t it. Ok, so here we go. They go into a bar, their fighting, Andreas almost gets busted, Christa mentally controls the bouncer to get them in, there are other freaks around, Christa gets a little overwhelmed, she tries blocking/helping Leekasha, Andreas tries to step in and see if he can do it, and instead brings her out of the drugs easily, which Christa couldn’t do. Leekash goes nuts and kills a bunch of people. They get the hell out of their. It should be a crowded night club, with lots of lights and loud music that makes it hard to tell what is going on.