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Morning Pages Entry – July 27, 2014

Well, yesterday was a bunch of fun. Came home from the boat, because we were having a get together with a bunch of our college class friends that we haven’t seen for like 12 years or so, at least not altogether at once. There was like 14 of us there, which considering we only graduated a class of 30 people is not too bad. It was at Mike and Sue Barrys place, and Lisa Widdup (Middleton) was there with here husband Rick, as well as Karen and I, and Glenn and Patty, John Kempe, Pat and Jane, Bill Shilson, Terry Conway, and Sandy Brush. Scotty (Piggy) couldn’t make it since he had some farm stuff to do, (apparently the wheat came in) which was kind of too bad, as he would have been fun to see. Mike and Sue have a really nice place almost next door to the riding club. Mike, is apparently on the board there now, and his kids have worked there as well. We walked down, to check out the sunset and the beach. There wasn’t much of a sunset unfortunately, but the beach was there. And we spent some time hanging around a bit. They were having a hawaiian luau when we were there. It was a pretty nice place. It even had squash courts as well … 2 of them. I didn’t know there were other squash courts in Sarnia. We stay, till about 11:30 or midnight, and headed home … was pretty cool seeing everyone there again. So, I’m a bit behind on the writing gig these days. I’ll need to prioritize the word count for the next few weeks. I need to do some planning up front, I think for the next novel. I was hoping to have the third one out my now. It’s pretty close, but not quite there yet. I do need to get words cranked out. I would really like to get to do my 25k per week for the next couple of weeks, so Emily has words to work with. Put scrivener, ywriter, and Google Drive and it and I’d be off to the races. It would be faster, and makes me a little more portable. I could truly work from a bunch of different places, including the picnic table up on the hill if I wanted to. That may not be such a bad thing. We’ll see how that goes. At least, you wouldn’t be stuck in the boat all the time doing your writing. And, up on the hill would get you away from the internet mostly, unless of course you just tethered up your phone. I kind of like the idea of working from up on the hill. There would be some nice breezes, and, maybe it would be a good change for you. Change always seems to work out pretty well in the writing gig. It changes your perspective a bit, and puts you in a better frame of mind. So, what the heck, maybe I will do that. I wonder how long the battery would last. It would likely, last at least 4 hours I would hope. Oh yea, and one more thing. I actually weighed my self yesterday for the first time in at least a week, thinking that I might have gained a bit with all the fruit and lara bars I’ve been eating lately, but I was pleasently surprised to see that I hadn’t. I was at 170 still, and I had already had breakfast. So no change really at all. Cool.

TIGERBLOOD: sure DAILYMOOD: pretty happy LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 50 PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: write, go to boat, order laptop? TV: none BOOK: none GAME: galaga EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs & tomatoe LUNCH: none DINNER: hamburgers, fancy salad, veggies SNACKS: apple, almonds, grapes ALCOHOL: 2 beers BEDTIME: 2:00 am AWAKE: 8:30