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Morning Pages Entry – July 26, 2014

Writing is fun. Or at least it should be for me. Why then, I wonder, does it feel so forced at times? I can only assume, that it has to do with the pressure around being successful with this. It seems to take the fun out of it. I do my best, to just focus on the joy/love/fun of writing when I’m doing it, but it’s always sort of there in the background. I would really like to come up with a way of blocking that shit out. The one obvious way to do that, would certainly be, to just make more money at it, but that’s not here yet. Certainly, if there was no pressure, and the money was coming in, then things would be somewhat different. Not totally of course, as there’s always some level of pressure, to maintain any level of success. But, at least there would be some sort of comfort zone or cushion to support you. That’s where I really need to be. With the third novel about to be finished. Here’s to hoping, I can write the last scene for it today. But once that’s out there, here’s to hoping, that I can achieve a certain level of success with a bit of marketing. I would prefer to just do the writing, but I think with only three novels out there, that it will take a bit of a push to get them selling. I really hope, that the zombie/apocalyptic genre will take off, like it’s supposed to. I’ll still need to do a cover for the book. Just a question of finding the right picture, and going from there. So, why not do a little brain storming this morning and see what I can come up with for the next scene I need to write. It’s basically a sequel scene. Chaz is had is little encounter in the Generals private lab regarding the freaks that he was transporting in the truck and abandoned in the graveyard. They put one of the zombies through the mutation process, and then applied the controlling drug to them. So, where to go with the sequel scene, showing Chaz’s reactions to the whole thing. I think, he should have a discussion with Alex, but without giving things away too much. Maybe over the radio … if they can, without giving too much of their plan for rescuing Christa away over the radio waves. It would have to be something like, where Chaz is wondering if maybe he should really rescue her or not. They would both have to make some compelling arguments one way or the other. It would be centered around balancing the life of one person (zombie/mutant/freak) vs stopping an entire war. Which seems like an easy situation, but then you can throw the whole “freak hugger” taking over the government, without giving Alex too much information …. or not. You could let him know more. I should check the chapter where they connect with Montgomery as a prisoner. Would Alex be swayed, if he knew what the shadow government had in mind? If he knew the vice president was being controlled by a third faction. Then what? Would Alex change his mind. Chaz has seen some things, that make him feel bad for Christa. The way patient zero was treated, the plans for imprisoning here indefinitely. Those things would sway Alex as well. What could Chaz say to Alex to make him reconsider. Maybe, get him to think about his family, if he still has a family living. Or perhaps, about the family he could have some day in a world that’s not controlled by freaks. That’s the way to go with it. Alex doesn’t know, if he still has any family living or dead. It’s been so long, since he’s seen them. But what about his chance for a family of his own. Get him thinking about that. Chaz could reflect somewhat his own family, and what they mean to him, and how much he’s lost. How maybe, he still hasn’t given up hope for them. Alex will want a family of his own someday. That would work, and maybe sway Alex a bit. But, it still will come back to their feelings not just for Christa, but as soldiers, what exactly are they fighting for. For a world where a whole species is enslaved? That’s not what their country is about. Do they want another civil war fought over that. There has to be a better way. The freak huggers will want to live in peace with the mutated zombies, but the people like the General will want to enslave and control them all. Alex and Chaz may believe, that there is a way to let them mutate, without enslaving them, or allowing them to take over. Which, is sort of the premise for the rest of your books really. That is letting them mutate without a controlling drug and taking over.

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Morning Pages Entry – May 18, 2014

So, another idea to include into the novel about the mutations. They could be tied to ‘savants’ or super smart people, like that documentary that you started to watch but fell asleep to last night, about the kid that could did complex mathematical computations in his head, and could recite 22,514 decimal positions of Pi. That could be part of the next mutation. Something, maybe, you haven’t thought of in terms of a plot hole, is, why wouldn’t the human race want these mutations to survive? Perhaps, initially, because they were attacking and killiing everyone . . . or at least some of them were. But, primarily, I think, you have to make the mutations different enough, that they are an entirely different species. Like comparing cimpanzees to humans. Humans would still survive, but they would become subservient to the mutated humans. Enough so, that humans would no longer be the dominant species on earth. Humans would only be good enough for the most basic of tasks. They would become the grunt workers of earth. All the intelligent jobs would go to the new mutations, and we wouldn’t need as many humans around as before. Therefore, there would be cullings of the population, and birth control quotas to be put in place. How would the parts of the world (outside the americas) react to the change. Those areas weren’t hit with the mutation, so they wouldn’t yet be affected. There would have to be battles with those countries. But, what would the advantage and disadvantage of each side be. The americas would have the new mutation, but the rest of the world would be organized and could bond together to fight a common enemy. The mutations, would also have to deal with the rebellion going on within their own borders, of the old humans. This novel really could go on forever, if you added this kind of stuff. Eventually, it could become a race to the stars. Would the mutations leave the planet if they could, and got tired of fighting the old humans. Some of the humans wouldn’t want them to leave, as the humans have already screwed up the planet so badly they could use the help of the super smart mutations to fix things. If it is fixable. The mutations would want to leave. They could increase the technology of humans so quickly, that interstellar space travel would be achievable in a much quicker period of time. If they were all savants, then many of the world problems, should start to disappear. Where would the conflict be then. There is of course, the enslaved masses, and there is the pride of the mutations that could start believing they are gods, and can do whatever they want. Eventually, even they could “fly too close to the sun” and get burned somehow. Maybe, if they started creating their own planets or solar systems. That’s got to be pretty tricky stuff. The whole religion thing could be factored in somehow too. With the ‘freak huggers’ as part of it. Well, that’s a bunch of interesting stories to add. We just need to get to work on finishing what we have. Gotta get that stuff edited, and add some more to make the novel into two distinct pieces. I could always send it to the editor (Emily) that way. Where it is basically 2 big parts. If she can get the first one done, and get it back to me, then I could publish that one, while she finishes up the second part. Ahh, whatever how you look at it, it’s still two books, that need to be published. Just get the thing done, and get it out there. You’ll need to come back, and refrence some of these notes I think. Maybe you should make note of it in our yWriter files, so you know what dates to come back to. Yes, I will do that. In the edit notes section. So, today, I think we’re going to head out to the boat and get some things done on it. It would be nice, if we could get it all waxed up today. If we have all three or four of us, it shouldn’t take much time to get it done. Just have to convince the rest of them. Get it waxed, then put on the canvas, then I can start thinking about getting that window fixed once and for all. It should be pretty clean on the outside, what with all the rain we’ve had the last few days.

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Morning Pages Entry – May 17, 2014

So, this morning is one of those mornings, where I don’t have any particular topic in mind. So, perhaps I should practice a little writing. Practicing writing would be a good thing I think, to get your writing of a first draft in a respectable form that doesn’t take forever to edit would be a very good thing. So, perhaps, we should think of a something to write about for the novel. Maybe a little back story about something interesting. The problem is I don’t actually have an outline to write about. And of course, some clown now  feels it’s necessary to come and interrupt me while I’m writing. What the fuck. Stop interrupting me! I’m busy right now. So, what would you like to write about. Perhaps a few loop holes in the story. Or maybe a bit of backstory on the mutation of the various types of zombies. For the moment, we have the friendly zombies which seem a bit more human like, and are drawn to protecting Christa from the angry zombies, that look like real zombies and are always attacking everyone including Christa. Christa of course, is the next mutation in the zombie cycle, and is what they will all become like. I haven’t given up much of what she will do, and I don’t really want to give away too much about her for the first novel. But the others, could use more fleshing out. The sniper zombies early in the book have speech, and logical thinking in their makeup. Perhaps, there could be certain alpha zombies that have the potential to be the next mutation. They could be a third type of zombies. The friendlies, the uglies, and the alphas. That might be enough. The alphas could have all the traits of humans plus extra human strength, and other abilities, that are outlined in my original notes. I think, they can survive under water, and in outer space, and a bunch of other things. They are close to the next big thing in human kind, but only one of the alphas get’s to be the next mutation. The next mutation needs to be the perfect combination of all those super traits. And, how do the sink holes in the swamp incorporate into all of this? Do they draw humans from other areas through the ground, and into a network of sinkholes around the continent. Could this network, be controlled by the alphas. Maybe, the alphas are sort of like queen bees, providing a nutrient or aura, that passes the mutation to those being drawn through the sinkhole network. Only the alphas are capable of spreading the mutation, and they do it instinctively. None of the others can spread it. Perhaps, they go underground to protect themselves, and just ended up in the network of sink holes. They could also be in caves and mines, and all sorts of other underground places. They crave the dark, until the one true mutation begins to mature, then they begin to head for the surface. That could be, when the snipers break ground, because Christa has become the one mutation, and all the alphas sense it. The whole underground thing, would tie in well to zombies rising from graves. It’s not so much, that they have to die first, but it’s that they instinctively go underground for protection, until the one true mutation occurs. That’s kind of cool shit. These mutation cycles, could be tied to major diseases and disasters over the course of history, like the black plague, and others you might be able to research. Could natural disasters even be tied into it. Perhaps, if you could make a connection with mother earth by giving the freaks a stronger spiritual connection with the planet. Something about going underground and the center of the earth or something. Maybe the mutation starts in the core of the planet, and it has been happening for generations. It’s how the apes were supplanted by humans, if you go back far enough. You could take stuff of anthropology and wrap it into the story. That would be totally cool. Check out one of those evolution pics showing us moving from amebas to walking out of the ocean to monkeys, to crouched humans, to fully upright humans, and come up with some sort of little back story that supports the evolution of the freaks. That would be pretty cool. Then, in modern day, this could be the time when humans are actually concious of what is going on, and make plans to stop the evolution. Maybe, the spiritual fanatics should be the ones to have the knowledge about the history of these evolutions. They would at some point come into conflict with the science and military. Woah, that’s pretty cool shit.

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