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Morning Pages Entry – May 03, 2014

I’ve decided, that I officially like the goal of $1000 per day in net books sales. Which means my net cut of the book sales from Amazon. So, about 500 books at $2.99, which means I get $2 per book. That’s the goal I’d like to hit, and I think, I can do it in a year. If other people can get to over $300 per day, within 6 months, then there’s no reason I can’t get to $1000 per day in a year. I just really need to be prolific. I need to start a mailing list. I need to be consistent. I need to get better at writing my books. I need to get much better at the initial draft phase. I need to get better at the editing phase. I need to learn how to do a better cover. I need to get good at working with FaceBook ads. Having a mailing list full of readers is key to that I think. I don’t like the idea of scraping UIDs from FaceBook, but I suppose I could do that to get things going. But, collecting emails from the beginning, I think is the better way to go, and building look-a-like audiences. Maybe partnering with one of my brothers, is the way to write this stuff. If it worked for Johnny B Truant, then no reason, that it wouldn’t work for me. I could do the rough drafts, Mark could do the line editing, and David could do the proof reading. That would be frigging amazing. There’s no doubt, that we could get to $1000 per day within a year, with that kind of schedule. I’m sure, there would be a way, to get Steve into the mix as well. We’d need someone, to do the marketing, the advertising, doing the covers, and all the other admin stuff that needs to take place. That’s pretty rough thinking, but I’m sure, we could handle that kind of work flow. We could, even mix things up after a while. Changing roles would definitely be a good thing. Then, we would get to the point, where we’re all good at any of the roles. Dave and Mark, are moving pretty slow with the editing at this point, and I’d really like to get them moving in a more commited direction. I should talk to them a bit more about this. See, if I can really get them involved more, and putting more time towards this. Putting out a book a month would be crazy with potential. I should talk to them. I would like to get Steve into the mix as well. Even, as a proof reader, that would be good. It would be fun to get Tim into the mix as well. There is a synergy in collaborating with something like this. We can bounce ideas off of one another. We would all still have artistic license to do whatever we wanted with the stories, as they go through the cycle. This could be really exciting. Collaborating with them would be fun. Just doing a rough draft would be fun. Even polishing someone else’s rough draft could be fun, if you get good at it. How long would that take? If you can do 10K per day, editing, that would work. Then, the proofreader at the end, shouldn’t take long at all. You should be able to edit a novel, within a couple of weeks easily. Then proofreading, I would think could be done in a week, if you pushed it. So, giving those guys a month to get those pieces done shouldn’t be tough. You need to have plotting take place somewhere as well. Say, a week to plot out a novel. Hell, I would think, if you got on a roll, you could do it in a day. And the rough draft, should still have a rough edit pass. That would mean, writing 5K words, and editing 5K words per day. That’s 100K 1st pass edited words per month. Then, having the other two guys hit the book could easily get it out in a month. While Mark is editing, I would be writing another novel, and while Dave is proofreading, I could be writing, and Mark would be editing. Once we all got the cycle going, in the first 3 months, that, it’s just a matter of cranking through the work every month. It would certainly take some tweaking, but I’m sure it could be done. I need to do the bulk of the work up front, but as things really get going, it would make sense to have the other two more involved. Especially, when the money starts coming in. Then, I think it would be easier for them to justify devoting the time to it. I sense, that Dave is under a bit of financial pressure, so it’s hard for him now to devote the time to it, but if there was financial reward in it for him, I’m sure he be able to spend more time with it. This is actually a really exciting thought.

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