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From On High

Alright, well this should be an interesting scene. I need a way to give a little more information about what Kongod is, and how it works, without revealing too much about it I suppose. There are spoilers about to come here, so if your reading this on one of my blogs, and you plan on reading the full book later, then you may want to back away a little from this. Basically what I wanted Kongod to be, was a sort of ruling machine that manipulated and controlled the entire planet. We’ve managed to keep the majority of the devastation to the Americas in the books so far, so, I’m not sure about where to go with that. I did allude a little bit Kongod in Chaz’s conversation with the Regent in an earlier chapter, but not too much. She basically said, that there was some computer network that took the pulse of the nation, and made suggestions for the ruling regent to make a decision on. I would however, like for Kongod to be a bit more then that. Who created Kongod? It would have to be another research facility somewhere. How about, if Kongod, was actually a creation of another country? Ohhhhh! I like that. Say, like some other up and coming economy, that took advantage of the Americas at a particularly week stage in their history, like during the zombie wars, and created a the computer with their agenda in the back of their mind, but with the facade of being a political computer destined to bring the country back from the ashes of near destruction with a more streamlined and efficent government. Say, there could, even be sleeper agents, that were in place in the united states, that started the creation of Kongod during the war time. They would have been speculating on the country coming out of things. I don’t think, you’d want to elude to too much of what happens. Maybe, this scene should take place in a secret facility somewhere undisclosed. We don’t want to say too much, but perhaps, we want to suggest, that there is something not quite right about way Kongod makes decisions. I kind of like that. The scene should open perhaps in an office building that ends up being atop the worlds tallest building, say one of those fancy ones over in the UAE. But, let’s not reveal exactly where the building is, until the end of the scene. I’m thinking it should be CEO type guys and not lab rats in this scene. They could be talking about some overall planning type stuff. Maybe, like monitoring the general progress of the nation, and looking at reports from Kongod for instance. That could be cool. They could be looking at trends, and maybe picking and choosing things they like, but then deciding, that a few things may need to be swayed. Perhaps say, they move people/troops/zombies/monies to different areas to get the kind of results they want. This could be a good chance to get an overall look at the state of the Americas from 10,000 feet up.