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Morning Pages Entry – May 27, 2014

I feel like, today is the first day of a whole new beginning for me. I’ve gotten through the editing of my first novel, at least the first good edit pass of it. It’s really more then the first pass I suppose. I went through the bulk of it a few times, as I didn’t really know what I was looking for when I did an edit. At first, I was just cleaning up spelling and grammar. Then, I started hacking out way too many words, and making everything too choppy. Then, I finally came up with a spelling and grammar check, that looked more at sentence flow and got rid of things like over explanation, which I seemed to do a lot. I could still make another pass, and include some more conflict, and reveal more about the characters. I do want to make it longer, and get two novels out of it. It just occurred to me, that the first half of the novel (which could be the first book), should be about Chaz’s family, and doing everything he can to get them back. Then, he should realize, that he can’t get them, but somehow, there is a happiness to it, as he sees a chance to finally rid the world of the zombie freaks, but getting Christa to Fort Knox. Which, would be, where the second book kicks in. That would kind of make sense. The main goal of the first one, would be Chaz getting his family, and the second would be of ridding the world of zombies. That’s how to do it. That would make perfect sense. There are a few more things, I should do with the novel now at this point, to make that happen. One, is write more character sketches. Really write some good background stuff about each of your characters. Maybe five thousand words, or maybe not that quite much, although, that might not be so bad. There’s only three main characters, and you could do that. There were some good layouts on the CritiqueCircle site I think, that you could use to get yourself started. You could likely have all those done in a couple of days. Even if you did 5000 words each. Plus, I would like more backstory on the zombies. Another 5000 words on them would be good as well. They really are like another character. And, perhaps another 5000 words or whatever on the world or environment they are in. Since that is also a character in the story. That would be really good. If you did a detailed character sketch on each of Chaz, Alex, Christa, Zombies, Environment, then you as a writer would understand so much more about the story and the world your writing about. You could give the story so much more depth. Then, you could add another 25K words, to get enough story for two seperate novels. Then, you could throw in more character description … reveal more about your characters, and their reaction to things, as well as get rid of the choppy editing you did, and introduce some more conflict, and get rid of so much narrative. Or, at least break up some of the narrative. Provide extra character action, and show a few things in the world. So here is maybe a breakdown in list format of what happens next.

  1. Write a detailed (no more than 5000 words each) description on each of the following:
    • Chaz
    • Alex
    • Christa
    • Zombies
    • Environment
  2. Add at least another 25K of story to have enough to break the novel into two seprate novels. Edit those words as you go. 5K write and edit per day.
    • You should spend some time outlining this before you start.
  3. Look through the CritiqueCircle suggested edits for the first 5000 words and add what you think is necessary.
  4. Make sure there is enough conflict in each of the scenes. Maybe just every other scene.
  5. Do a “content” edit for the following:
    • Show more of the characters reactions to the events of the story.
    • Make any choppy sections flow better.
    • Break up larger sections of narrative: more “show” instead of “tell”.
    • Check and use your ‘editing notes’ in yWriter.
    • Format story for Emily

You have 9 more days, till this goes off to Emily your editor.

Step1 – 2 days Step2 – 5 days Step3 – 1/2 days Step4 – 1/2 days Step5 – 1 day

That would be pretty impressive, and I think pretty doable in the time left. And, something you could carry forward into the next books in the series. I would be quite happy, if all that happened before the 9th.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 10, 2014

So, it would seem the word count continues for the week. Three days in a row now, I’ve hit 5000 words. That’s pretty awesome. [personal stuff edited out]The whole big motivation for me doing this, was that I could get the 5000 words done before done, and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever I wanted. [personal stuff edited out] Anyways enough about that crap, it’s time to put a little more thought into where this story is going to go. So, yesterday I wrote about how Chaz and the General have a chat about Chaz becoming a member of his unit, and then Alex woke up, there was another talk between Chaz and the Colonel about the state of the Fort, then Chaz and Alex met over lunch to talk about launching their plan for the day to get Christa out. So, we need a scene, where Alex kidnaps Dr. Montgomery as she comes out of the elevator. We need a scene where

  1. Alex kidnaps Dr. Montgomery near the elevator.
  2. Chaz goes through the general’s office to find info on the lower level
  3. Maybe a descriptive scene describing Christa’s situation.
  4. Chaz and Alex break into the lower level using Dr. Montgomery to get Christa.
  5. A scene where they make their way out of the complex.
  6. A scene where the General and Dr. Momtgomery discuss how they let them get away to spread the new mutation, and that they have a cure.
  7. A scene where Chaz, Alex, & Christa are lost in the mob of zombies outside the complex . . . . THE END ???

So, is that the ending of the story. It’s not that bad, and it’s a bit of a cliff hanger leading to the next one. There is some resolution, in that Chaz did save the world. Maybe just not on his terms. Which is ok, I suppose. It’s not exactly a happily ever after, but it is an ending. Maybe Christa get’s away in the end. It would at least give you your first draft. We’re looking at probably close to 90000 words I think by the time your done with this. Quit a bit more then I had hoped for, but that’s alright, it’s a start. So, where do we go from here. Into editing I suppose, once that is done. We really need to give more thought to plotting the next novel a bit better. While there is an element to making stuff up as we go along, I do think, that it would be so much better if I had a bit more of an outline to go with before I start. Before I start with editing this first draft, there are a few things, I think I need to write about before I get started. Sort of a what to look for while I’m editing kind of guide. Things about the zombies. About, how there are different levels and types of them. Things about the world perhaps. About, how you could be a bit more descriptive with your writing in terms of giving the reader a better view of what the environment is like that they are in. Maybe a bit more character background on everyone. I want to have a better sense of the world, and the people that populate. Some better defined rules that go along with it. I do think, that I’ve come up with a bunch of stuff during my writing that can be applied to that world and character development, and I suspect that next time around, even if I do some of that at the beginning, that it’s something that will grow and change throughout the writing of the novel. I also think, if I lay things out a bit better now for this novel, that it will be usable and easier for the next one in the series. That’s definitely true.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 09, 2014

Alright, fucking eh! But I did it again. Yesterday was another 5000+ words per day. Let’s see if I can continue this for the rest of the week. The only problem, may be, that I’m pretty close (I think) to finishing the rough draft of the novel, and I may not have enough words left to write for it. I suppose, I could write parts of the next novel if I do end up finishing this draft before the weeks up. I might even finish it today. Which, is really the point, of today’s journal. I need to come up with an ending for the novel. I seem to want to just keep on writing and writing endlessly. I should have had an ending nailed down before I started, and I will for sure next time. So, right now, I’m going to try and brainstorm my way through the ending. Then the only real thing I’ll have to do, is connect the new intro I wrote a little more seamlessly into the main section of the novel. Although, perhaps, I’ll do that during the editing process. Anyways, here’s were we are now with the novel. All of our heroes, Chaz, Alex, and Christa are in Fort Knox. Chaz, is the only one we’ve heard from since they’ve been inside. Alex is in a coma, and being somewhat cared for by the medical science staff, although no to the level that Chaz would like. The staff believe that Alex should be shipped to another facility. Christa has been taken to a secret research wing, where they won’t let Chaz see her. They do believe, that Christa is key to defeating the next mutation of zombies. Chaz has a bad feeling about the whole thing, and is hatching a plan to get them all out of the facility. He doesn’t realize though, that the general in charge of the place, is onto his plan and has a plan of his own, to pretty much throw Chaz to the wolves in an attempt to have Chaz killed. So, I’m thinking, here’s what we need to do next. Have the General approach Chaz and offer him a position within his guards to be responsible for keeping the freaks out of the fort, knowing full well, that it could be a suicide mission . . . or just maybe, that it gives the General a chance to keep an eye on Chaz (yea, that may be better). Chaz is more then happy to accept the position, as he believes, it may give him a chance to cause the disruption he needs in the facility, to get Christa and Alex free. Of course, he may have to bide his time, until Alex is well enough to travel. We’ll have to wake Alex up. Then, the two of them can work together, to get down to the lower level and free Christa. Christa should be good to travel, just totally in isolation. They will have to break down, into the second level, and break into Christa’s isolation room to get to her. While, they’re doing that, Chaz should have left some sort of plan in motion up above to create a distraction. Maybe a timed bomb to blow the doors, and allow the zombies in. He could perhaps, blow the loading door entrance, and plan to get out through the front doors, where no one will be expecting. As they’re escaping, they should run into an even more massive horde of freaks. They were drawn to her, because her mutation is now fully matured. Too many, even for Christa to ward off. The novel should finish, like the science team, had enough time with Christa to mature the mutation. They now have the cure and believe they can control the masses. Our three heroes are surround by the herd. Then run the final credits? Is that the ending? I think, that could do it. Here’s a possible list of scenes: 1. General talks to the Colonel about becoming part of his unit. 2. Alex comes to and seems fully recovered. 3. Chaz comes up with his plan to break them all out. 4. Alex & Chaz break into the lower section to pull out Christa. 5. Alex, Christa & Chaz make it outside the Fort and run into the herd. 6. The Colonel & Dr. Montgomery discuss having a cure for the next mutation.

And, I do finally think, that that could be the ending. I could really be finished.

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