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Kill Or Die

I’m thinking, that this scene needs to start off with Alex and Chaz loading up for their mission. There could be some conversation, maybe some view of the gear they have. I’m thinking they’ll have some pretty nice resources at their disposal. Guns, gear, food, medical supplies. The extra pressure that’s added to Chaz at this point, is that he is now ordered to stop the renegades and Christa at all costs. Meaning if he can’t capture them, then he needs to kill them. And, that includes Christa. I’m thinking, that Rabban should be paying them a visit at this point. And, it should probably be just before they start to leave. The next time we see these two, they should be on the road or in some major conflict with the renegades. Of course, Alex is not going to take this information very well. Remember, that Alex thinks, that Christa is in his head, that she talks to him. No special connection, other than their existing relationship. What other pressure could be put on during this scene? Rabban is there, so we could do something more with him. Make him seem a bit more difficult than normal I suppose. What’s his agenda? We did have something special in mind for him. Like, he was on the short list for becoming the regent, but instead was selected for an advisory role. He wasn’t supposed to know about that, but ended up finding out. I don’t want to get too sidetracked with Rabban though. This is really a scene to move the plot along primarily. That doesn’t mean you can’t so some character reveal building sort of stuff with Rabban though. Maybe a little something about Alex. Maybe, you could drop some hints as to Christa still saying things inside his head. Maybe this connection, is not one that even Christa is too aware of. Maybe she kind of does it subconsciously. Which of course, won’t be revealed until later. But, it could come in handy for their hunt, where Alex could come up with some sort of hint … maybe even in this scene like Christa is worried, or things are going wrong. Like Alex is pretty quiet at first like he’s worried. You could build some sympathy for Christa here with the reveals from Alex, before Rabban comes in and let’s them know that they all have to be taken out. He should pull Chaz aside before telling him.

No Doubt

So, what I’m thinking here, is that the Regent has some information about the missing boat captained by Captain Willie, so they need to impress the importance of finding Christa. We also want them to have some sort of information that Christa maybe on board the vessel. Perhaps they were spotted by another ship, or perhaps some video surveillance was looked at after the boat never made it’s appointed stop in New Orleans. Either way, they would suspect that something has happened to Captain Willie, so they need to raise the stakes more with Chaz and the importance of the mission. Chaz should be wavering a bit at the beginning of the scene I think. That’s likely where it should start. Then, likely it should be a representative of the Regent that shows up last time. Rabban was the character I had in mind in the earlier outline. Rabban is definitely evil, and he should imply some pretty drastic threats. Against Chaz or his family. Or, maybe even Christa. He could threaten to find Christa first, and if he does, there’s no question what he’ll do to her. Just about anything he wants, and thats before turning her over to the authorities. I don’t think this has to be a long scene. Location I’m a bit unsure of. There’s always the fort, or maybe, it takes place as he’s leaving the prison. Maybe his escort gets orders to bring him to someone else. That would work. So, we have Chaz driving away with escort. Chaz is just a passenger. He can be alone with his thoughts for a while, contemplating the discussion with Abby, then the car stops and picks someone up about an hour from the prison. That person would be Rabban. They drive together and have another little discussion.