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Morning Pages Entry – May 20, 2014

Well, it’s a little late for this journal today, but at least I’m getting to it. Jennifer and I slept on the boat last night, and woke up to some lousy weather this morning, so we let it chase us away, and ended up at home a little earlier then we thought. So, it’s about 4pm, but we’ll get this done, then get back to work. I do need, to get back to the writing. I just finished reading a post from one of the more sucessful writers on the WritersCafe forum, that goes by the name of TattooedWriter. He just hit a 1000 book selling day. Which was pretty exciting for him, as he usually only does 400-600 books per day, which is not so shabby either. He tends to write shorter stories, usually between 20K to 60K words, and does absolutely no advertising. He does have mailing lists, and writes in a number of genres from romance, to horror, to sci-fi, to post-apocalyptic. He uses different pen names for each genre. It’s again, another one of those stories, that makes me feel inspired, and very jealous at the same time. He’s been at it for a few years, and publishes about a story every month. The thing being, that I’d like to take away from it, is that even though he breaks a bunch of the rules (like never using peraFree books), he still manages to be incredibly successful. He runs no FaceBook ads, no BookBub ads, and does pretty much no marketing. All he does, is maintain mailing lists. And, his mailing lists aren’t even all that big. I think, his biggest list was 150 people. He has seprate lists for each genre. It’s encouraging, to know, that you can write in different genres, at different lengths, and market in a bunch of different ways (or not at all) and still manage to make buttloads of money. That’s what I need to be doing. Just get out there, and publish a bunch of stuff. Write write write. Edit edit edit. Publish publish publish. You can do, just that and your stuff can take off. It’s truly an inspiring thing. The other thing, I need to do this year, is fix that damn leaky window on the boat. Actually, both leaky windows. I would very much like to replace all those damn stained cushions, but that won’t happen till the windows get fixed. I have three of them now, that are acting up. The big windshield window, the forward most hatch, and the one over the kitchen. Bllaaaahhhh!!! So, I am really going to rip that windowshield one out of there and use the stuff I bought last year to get it fixed. I’m really tired of it, and now that it’s the beginning of the year, so I’m all keen to get things working properly. I would, also like to have a better sunshade for the boat. Especially, if it’s going to get warm this summer. It’s pretty nice to have as it keeps the sun of the boat, and keeps it a bit cooler, without having to run an air conditioner. Which, of course works, but is a bit of a pain to work out. I do really like the one that Wayne has for his boat. That one seems to work very well. Oh yea, and, it would seem, that the bimini is leaking pretty good now. It never did that last year. It seems, that one long seam down the middle of it was letting a lot of water in. Not sure why that is doing that. It wasn’t even on a zipper or anything. It’s always something with the boat. So, the trick is, for this year, to get into a good habit of editing and writing a bunch of words early in the day, so you can take some time in the afternoons, to do some work on the boat. Even some little thing, that you can bake better each day. Fixes, or improvements, or whatever. And, if you have the really important business work done early, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I am definitely going to keep my regular 11-6am sleep routine going if I can. If you worked hard and really went for it before the brothers got here, then you wouldn’t feel bad, about taking a break and doing fun stuff with them, when they’re around. That’s definitely a worthwhile goal to go for. It’s time to have a break through summer. These next few months could be incredibly awesome . . . and it’s up to me, to make that happen.

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