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Getting Worse

My notes for this scene say that Chaz suspects something about Christa. I need to give a little more in my notes I think, when I’m setting up scenes. At least a couple of sentences would be somewhat more helpful. Even if it’s just in the synopsis. At least to give you somewhere to start from. You can always change it after the fact. So, Christa suspects something about Christa. I believe what my initial thoughts were, were that there had been no sign of Christa and some even would trigger in Chaz to believe that Christa is still alive. Now, the reader knows Christa is alive, but of course Chaz doesn’t know for sure. He’s seen the pictures from Rabban, and he should be able to piece things together. What Chaz should be suspecting, is that in fact those zombies killed the Captain, and that Christa should have something to do with that. Now, Chaz is a smart guy, so what would he suspect. He remembers Christa as a nice kid, but one he didn’t really trust, because she was once a zombie. So, he should likely fall back on his gut instincts, that she played a part in the murder somehow. But, it still shouldn’t quite jive with him. The connection he had with her, should still bother him a bit. Remember, Andreas is the one that’s going to be the problem here. But, I still want Christa to come off with more of an edge than she had before. She’s got a right to be a little pissed, and a little crazy. She’s been listening to the sounds of thousands up thousands of zombies screaming in her head for six years. That’s bound to make anyone nuts. So, who does Chaz have to confide in, or what actions should he take where we can lay out his suscipions. There needs to be something interesting going on. Maybe, it would be a good idea to have a discussion with Dr. Montgomery. Maybe, he should take something from the Dr? Maybe some sort of conflict. You already had him sneak around her labs looking to steal info before. What about, if instead we have him pull some strings using Rabban or the Regents to force the doctor to turn over information. Can something about KonGod get put into this scene. Maybe by way of his conversation with Dr. Montgomery. That might sort of work. So, Chaz pulls some politics to get what he wants, and maybe, he gets more then he bargained for? Maybe, he finds out that Montgomery and the General kind of let them get away last time. That they were testing them. The Dr. Could hint that she knows more about KonGod then she’s supposed to.

I’m thinking now, that what should happen, is this should be some sort of confrontational issue with the good doctor. That maybe Chaz lets her know a little bit about what he knows now, and that in an attempt to get some information from her, he learns that she may not know as much about how the drug works. Or, maybe she does, and we let the reader know a bit more about it. Gonna have to figure that out. And, what about the conflict here, and a little bit more plot advancement. Maybe, the doctor should suggest that the real fear is of any zombie coming back from the drug. Perhaps she should suggest something about her suspecting that the drug could be doing damage to the minds of the zombies. To a degree, that they don’t quite understand, and maybe, that’s why she stayed at the research facility.